My brands Story. How did this start?

Patience is what grew an idea into what it is now. Held together with a f??k ton of potential there is so many avenues that my name can be. Something like Batman, bat every thing only it will be GGGent everything. 

Started off drawing little comics and putting them not onto the computer, online or anything like that. They started piling up along with more ideas. Eventually I became obsessed with this cartoon character it was I thought about along with games, girls, and my personal goals. As I got older and much more mature I begin to thinking about the business side of execution. All about the money and what it will take for me to stop trading hours of my life for dollars. 

Eventually GGGent evolved in to God goals and greatness. This is a slogan I can stand behind or lead forward without any hesitation.    

Shall we move forward to achieve our greatness. Ladies and gents we must bring the people around up. Inspire, motivate, educate. God is great he has done so much for us, lets praise his name in a way that is heard and makes a difference. This is a way of life 



1.What is the long game?:

This is as far as I thought and this may be my problem right now. Long game for me right now is to Stack a million dollars. And pretty much start over. That million dollars I would invest it all for my daughters get 10% interest annually kids can live comfortably for the rest of their life. If they want more they have to go get it themselves.

  1. How are you going to get there? I am going to get there by doing this full time 7-5:30 job coming home and doing my own business from there. Taking care of my family, staying mentally and physically capable.
  2. How are you going to stack that million dollars? Keeping the lights on bills payed, start with building HellVille, my game and then market the fuck out it. My girls embroidery business, help her run it. Build more assets. Repeat.

2.How are you going to stay relevant?

I’m not even relevant now. So when I begin to get traction and start to figure this nonsense out I will get back to this question.

  1. how are you going to do that? Become one of the “loudest most noticeable influential people. Stay positive be my self The Joe.

Idk but really I’m just being myself The Joe keep loyalty to God talk

3.What role are you aiming for?

The role I am looking for is TO BE COME A SUPER HERO, GGGent Guy, praise the Lord. Stack bread bring a shit load of positivity and adventure. Dip out for a few years enjoy my success Come back low key.



6.How do you think of money?:

Good bad. Its good to have brings freedom reduces stress. Bad because people get the taste of it, its power and then it gets to their head. Im thinking globally


8.Whats your truth?

I believe in God I FROG fully rely on God, my girls are my corner stone these girls keep me grounded


11.Is the game more physical or mental… What is the game?: The game is work, grind, hustle

It is more mental. The game is work, grind, hustle. The game is more mental all day I do not feel like doing this shit. success to me is being comfortable. Lying in bed knowing you don’t have to get up enjoy that just waking up feeling all day just living a vacation. Success can get boring always challenge your self because when I lay there I have hundreds of ideas floating thru my head.

So mentally I have to tell myself to get up. Give up this comfort to get busy be productive. Making myself do this stuff is harder than actually doing it. Physically the game is so important a body in motion stays in motion. Working out giving your body what it tells you to do is so rewarding you know what your body needs. Giving yourself what it needs physical, spiritually, mentally it’s so rewarding .Again the game is more mental. Once you train your self to stay up to 3 and past 3 working the results are great. you have to mentally jump over that hurdle of being comfortably lazy.


 Thank the good Lord above. Amen