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  • monetization is a business project.

    Everygame is a business project. Think about monetization early. Intgrate into the core loop.   What is LTV Life Time Views of your game? https:/...
  • Exploring a real game case study

    In a popular fantasy-themed game, Castle Fusion by Shark Jump, players merge turrets, structures, and vehicles to generate more scrap (currency) ...
  • core gameplay, strengthened by monetization

    What if your players enjoy the core gameplay, strengthened by a monetization strategy, so much that they would feel justified in purchasing IAPs a...
  • Monetization for free to play games.

    In order to successfully operate your free-to-play mobile game, you may decide you will need a way to generate revenue and keep your players engage...
  • video notes

    If you don’t like to lose you are not going to like to be an entrepreneur. Be a hustler instead. # questions you should ask your self before going into selling anything. Things dont start off pretty.


  • The simplest Idea

  • GGGent Sample video from 2013 its now 2020

  • What I vision ?_?

    Defining ones Vision, mission, cause, purpose is actually a lot harder  than I would have imagined. When I started this I didn't know how specific ...
  • Vision Mission Cause

    The more concrete and clearly I have this the easier it will be to align my actions with making all of this and more real. My vision is not to be solving major world issues that is my mission. Wow my vision does involve me going through a lot of cool cars. Supra, Cadillac, that one super sexy mustang and a few others.
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  • Picture for my babe