What is the long game?

What is the long game?

1.What is the long game?:

This is as far as I thought and this may be my problem right now. Long game for me right now is to Stack a million dollars. And pretty much start over million dollars I would invest it all for my daughters get 10% interest annually kids can live comfortably for the rest of their lifes. If they want more they have to go get themselves.

  1. how are you going to get there? I am going to get there by doing this full time 8:30-5:30 job coming home and doing my own business from there. Taking care of my family, staying mentally and physically capable.
  2. how are you going to stack that million dollars? Keeping the lights on bills payed, start with building HellVille my game and then market the fuck out it. Buy my girls an embroidery machine so she can start her own business help her run it. That is as far as I got Build a game environment animate short stories with in create, create, create. Repeat.

2.How are you going to stay relevant?

I’m not even relevant now. So when I begin to get traction and start to figure this nonsense out I will get back to this question.

  1. how are you going to do that? Become one of the “loudest most noticeable influential people. Stay positive be my self The Joe.

Idk but really I’m just being myself The Joe keep loyalty to God talk

3.What role are you aiming for?

The role I am looking for is TO BE COME A SUPER HERO, GGGent Guy, praise the Lord. Stack bread bring a shit load of positivity and adventure. Dip out for a few years enjoy my success Come back low key.

4.What is your brand standing for?:

Progress in a positive direction. Animation staying fresh is my brand. What does my brand stand for questioning why we are in such a fucked up place globally. How can we fix it. How did we get there how can we learn from our mistakes? Build something way bigger than just you. Teamwork makes the dream work. United we stand divied we fall shit like that. #GGGent_Life God-Goals-Greatness.

5.Your hustlers spirt how was that. How did that grow from growing to what it is now?

My hustler spirt I remember I was 16 driving my car I was with my good friend Jason and was like I think im going to to start selling weed. Everyone around us is smoking this shit so I want the money they are spending. I was never anyone’s “best friend”. My hustle came to me when I started making money mowing yards at 11 or 12. My neighbor was out side so I crossed the street and asked him if I could mow his yard. He told me to go get my dad to see if it was ok with him. This is where my hustle fucked up early. He asked how much I didn’t know what to say so I said one dollar.

I am very mad at my dad because he never pushed me to go get more. Never told me to go get more. At 7 8 and 9 my dad was bring me my brother around knocking on doors to shovel peoples drive ways. Greedy bastard kept all the money as far as I can remember. I did not have a lot of money growing up me personal did not have a lot of money. When I lived at home there was always food on the table. Until I got older and moved back in with dad. The refrigerator was alway always empty never anything in it. Only thing in the refrigerator was food I put in it. Now my dad and I  joke about it. 

I got notion of business from my mom. She sold crafts at the craft store. ABC soup was her brand name. I know she spend hour upon hours at the table making crafts. She loved what she was doing and she was bring home stacks of cash. I dont know If they were stacks as in thousands but as a very young kid these were stacks of cash she had.

6.How do you think of money?:

Good bad. Its good to have brings freedom reduces stress. Bad because people get the taste of it, its power and then it gets to their head. Im thinking globally


7.How did it start ur brand where did the idea come from?:

The idea came from me living in concord, I was going crazy I had nothing, no friends no money only an xbox and a tv which I hustled the fuck out of my neighbor. Quick story, he had a big 42in tv he was talking about getting rid of. Me ok what do u want for it I can get you some weed. Next day I bring im idk less than a quarter lil more than and 8th. Rolled up to blunts took a good sense bag baged up 2 20 bags and put the rest in another good sense bag.

So ya that is all I had xbox and my own crib. I was going crazy hated life. I new I need to start my own thing. I went down to the library rented the book , il find the name of the book for yall. I was taking notes in the notes I wrote down the word idea in capital letters with a semi Colin. Boom started pumping out ideas. Never acted on almost any of them but I still have them all wrote down.  GGGent came, so a few months later I was making IDEA tshirts and trying to sell them. I go to my now wifes sisters house and sold her son some tshirts. So to be nice I say go write down 100 ideas I will give you $10. As we were there I was doodling and I drew GGGent guy. I brought him home colored him in paint and fell in love with him. Developed the story wanted to animate him and got my self enrolled in school. From there out I am now living

8.Whats your truth?

I believe in God I FROG fully rely on God, my girls are my corner stone these girls keep me grounded

9.How can I add value?:

Hopfully by telling my story


10.Do you believe we find our selfs or we create are selfs (@aaronperezpt, @garyvee @ericthomas)?:

That is a trickey question but Im going to have to answer it by say we create our self’s. We all have this image of who we are as Gary Vee says be self aware. There is a difference to how aware we are to how others see u,s what type of energy we put out into the universe. And also how we think of our selfs. I think I am hot shit the best biggest the baddest S O B, and believe it or not one of the smart people in any room almost all the time smartest in what degree I know what I am doing with my life. The type of energy I put out into the universe idk confident cool, The Joe. Scared but sure yes these are my goals my dreams they are big and scary but don’t worry about it these are my dreams and goals so you don’t have to worry these are for me to handle. I’m Quiet.

11.Is the game more physical or mental… What is the game?: The game is work, grind, hustle

It is more mental. The game is work, grind, hustle. The game is more mental all day I do not feel like doing this shit. success to me is being comfortable. Lying in bed knowing you don’t have to get up enjoy that just waking up feeling all day just living a vacation. Success can get boring always challenge your self because when I lay there I have hundreds of ideas floating thru my head.

So mentally I have to tell myself to get up. Give up this comfort to get busy be productive. Making myself do this stuff is harder than actually doing it. Physically the game is so important a body in motion stays in motion. Working out giving your body what it tells you to do is so rewarding you know what your body needs. Giving yourself what it needs physical, spiritually, mentally it’s so rewarding .Again the game is more mental. Once you train your self to stay up to 3 and past 3 working the results are great. you have to mentally jump over that hurdle of being comfortably lazy.

12.What was your cross over moment?

The moment that had the most impact on my life. My cross over moment it just happened recently. I wrote a page worth of goals down I wrote big and I put them on my refrigerator for everyone who came inside my house to see my kids my wife looked at the everyday with me not literately but yes. They were up there for over a year I planned ahead. Now I’m Accomplishing  them all on time. I graduated from college, I got this really good promising job career in front of me, my ambition is growing my life is changing. Writing your goals down and putting them in front of people that are at liberty to hold u accountable is so important. I’m living my crossover moment now. Feels great too.

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