What I vision ?_?

What I vision ?_?

Defining ones Vision, mission, cause, purpose is actually a lot harder  than I would have imagined. When I started this I didn't know how specific I wanted to get. Doing this is extremely help full, it is clearing up so much being the fogginess. This is important to become super successfully. Braking the Vision, mission, cause, purpose in to separate entities, personal and for business. Maybe I am wrong I don't have to be doing this but on the flip side the more clear the more real it is. 

For Business: Primary is GGGent Entertainment. Which is a Game developing marketing company. This is my baby the company that is going to make world change. Moving forward.  I love animation and truly enjoy working with good teams to build great games. After that I would want the GGGent Entertainment company to be Praising the Lord somehow getting on stage motivating people. That seems so exciting being able to inspire lives, helping people cross certain barriers that at one point they where not able to and now they are because my company was there to help them. Support mission trips across the globe. Kill two birds one stone. It does not matter if the mission trip is somewhere beautifully exotic. Work hard play hard. 

Are those personal goals or business goals? 

Back to business. GGGent Entertainment is not the only business I plan on owning. I vision myself owning a car garage that buys sells fixes street race cars. Attached with a street race crew. This would be a business that I would not run only something I stroll in on say hello build moral and collect a check. 

A laundry mat. Why not buy a building and put some washer and dryers in there that I got from a commercial auction somewhere. very affordable. 

buy sell repair, rent houses and multi unit buildings. 

I plan on changing the world and that takes capital. 

The pot game. 

Embroidery which is one that I am now partnered with aka my wife (Mimis Embroidery, here in Kannpolis NC) Take this and scale it to the asset that does all of the apparel wear for every thing I have my hands in. 

If all of these small not primary business business can generate $100,000 on their own without me running them that is what I vision. They are all assets under the GGGent Entertainment umbrella. 

As of now yes this is what I vision for a business life. This is all really exciting to me an if you want to know how i vision my life sign up to get emails. 

To learn more about assets click the link below:                        https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/business-asset.asp



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