Vision Mission Cause

Vision Mission Cause

Vision Mission Cause Purpose.

My vision for Gent is to be solving major world issues. To start with the litter in our neighborhood streets. Clean up the ocean. Fuck start getting all that trash out and then worry about the other issues that are polluting the ocean. What are we to do with all of this trash that we make?

I have an idea on that. We can burn it all in a facility that is encased in a “clean air filter system.” Forgive me for not knowing proper vocabulary, I am just learning about this.

Purpose To shoot for the heavens not the starts. This planet can be beautiful I have not given up on it yet. Poverty will always be a thing, so next.. I am big on cleaning I do not enjoy walking the streets and seeing street littered from top to bottom with trash on the side of the roads. This is not only going on in the urban areas it is everywhere. Us people are some nasty creatures. Does any take pride in their surroundings? What is going on when I see entire cars filled with crap. Hoarder cars. Poverty will always be thing. The mentality that brings you down because you don’t have any money needs to change. Money does not buy happiness. As I type this, I do not even have a $100 in my bank account true fucking story (2-17-20202) and I am extremely happy.

WHY? That why is simple. That why is because I have a firm believe in God. God will not have me in situations that I can not handle. Maybe Im not supposed to have money right now. If I had ten grand what would I do with it? I would buy a house. If the damn bank would approve me the loan this time. Shake my head.

What is the cause for Gent. I don’t truly understand what the cause part is… I will get back to this. My Vision will not change as my brand grows but the missions will get accomplished resulting in new missions to be approached. Same as I’m sure the cause.

Purpose. That was at one time a very hard question for me. Then I was taking to a blue collar business owner. We where chit chatting and I brought up that I would like to know what my purpose in life was. He knew the answer, his reaction surprised me. He was excited not because of some ego trip. He was excited for me. He know the next few words out of his mouth where going to change my perspective on, Yes life.. “The same purpose every one has and that is to praise the Lord.” This was an A-ha moment.  My purpose in life is to praise the Lord. To be able to praise God from my heart is one of, maybe even the hardest things to do. Also the most enjoyable, it brings clarity to life is strange, strange way.

My vision is not to be solving major world issues that is my mission.  GGGent Entertainment is the vision. I don’t vision myself owning a garage full of quarter million dollar cars. I do vision myself being able to do that on a wet rainy day without even blinking twice I get bord and have a crazy impulse buy. I Joseph Ashmore would not buy it my Entertainment company would buy it. Tax reasons.

My vision is to be….. Wow my vision does involve me going through a lot of cool cars. Supra, Cadillac, that one super sexy mustang and ya a few others. Owning a Ferrari or two the Ferrari Enzo is the pinnacle. That’s my retirement car.  To own a bunch of houses. Different states different counties to be in the real estate game. Buy sell flip, rent Air bnb you know? My wife is my realtor. I want to be remembered. I do not want to be famous celebrity! I want to be able to go to public places and be left alone!

This is pt1. Of my vision mission cause purpose the more concrete and clearly I have this the easier it will be to align my actions with making all of this and more real.

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