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If you don’t like to lose you are not going to like to be an entrepreneur. Do what makes you happy. If you can still be happy losing everyday short term. Your long term will be crazy good.

I like to hustle. There is not much to lose. I make sure that my kids have a roof over head. My wife and I are both driving our own cars. Building my brand on the side. That is a hustle, I am not all in. Patience Slow grind. this is true from my standpoint. I feel much more comfortable with where I am at now after typing that last sentence. OOOWEEee!!


Before you can sell anything, you must have people’s attention.

Do you know where your people are?


Do you know how to put your product in written, video, audio format to attracted to customers?


What capabilities do you have to be here there and over there all at the same time?


Building my brand getting your name out into the world. It is not going to be good to you at first you have learn ND LEARNING SUCKS! I much rather just get to it the work and get paid. This comes back to slow grind. If you are starting from scratch nobody is even going to care who you are anyways. Get better by learning what works and who you are talking to actually listens.

Stop saying no before you even try. Talk about what you believe in. I believe in what I stand for what my brand is portraying to the world little by little “As of now, little by little.”  God Goals Greatness. With the internet it has never been easier to build you own brand,  personal brand, Stop being scared of other people’s opinions. Oh, moms and dad, my favorite cousin, my friends are going to start to think I am weird. Take a step back and realize that is why they already like you because you are who you are. Your interest may not stay aligned and that is why yall drift apart. That is good think it shows that you are growing I will be focused on my self-growth and happiness.



OH F??K IM LATE!  For what the Instagram, youtube, twitter, maybe even tik tock. These are not time wasters unless you let them waste your time. These are platforms in which businesses grow. Don’t forget about Linked In either. If you are serious about growing a business like I am  you and I both should have been on these platforms heavy years ago.

Note to self. Stop living in the past The Joe you are here now. Today is Feb-27-2020 when is this going to be posted. Leave a date in the comment box.

What type of communicator am I?

I have failed to take advantage of so many opportunities.

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