The paycheck to paycheck life.

The paycheck to paycheck life.

The paycheck to paycheck life.

Make every penny count culture that defines so many American households It sucks knowing where every dollar goes before you even get it. You are someone who has goals and wants and extra five six hundred dollars to investing into yourself but when life comes rolling in around payday and you realize that you are going to have to wait another week or two. The sad truth is this is how many people are living, you are not the only one. The people around you may be going out every weekend, on long vacations, or buying shiny things, but their you are day in and day out with the same old routine. Maybe you have already figured somethings out and are able to put a hundred dollars aside for your own personal goals every paycheck. Honestly it only gets harder, the only thing that is going to change is as time passes inflation happens cost of living goes up, more bills and kids come and your still working at some bull shit job where the people are negative and the only chances of anything good coming from the job is you get one dollar raise. Does this sound like the paycheck to paycheck make ever dollar count lifestyle your stuck in?

Whether you are just starting out on making a new chapter in your life, quitting your day job is important so you can finally release the entrepreneur that has been inside of you screaming for years now. To actually make this happen DO NOT quit your day job as of just yet. To make this the last time you ever work for anybody else be genuine, be yourself. Work your own way but remember that the key word is “WORK”.  Don’t quit your day job because what if you find out the entrepreneur that is inside of you screaming is only screaming for a part time gig doing small things here and there. But on the other hand a month or two in to this process you find the entrepreneur inside of you screaming has been screaming for a damn good reason and is ready for some life changing routines. The bottom line is what ever your ready for keep it real, keep it simple at first but most of all keep going, stay consistent.

Consistent: agreeing or accordant compatible: not self-contradictory.                                                              “Maintaining A belief or practice that holds true for an extraordinary long time.”                                                      ~Ron Paul~

Constancy is the key ingredient to success. Your goals don’t have to be life changing to get where you want to be just life sustaining. Keeping the lights on and continue pushing forward and great things will come. Working your way out of the pay check to pay check lifestyle takes time. Finding something that you enjoy doing that makes a livable income takes enormous amount of patience and inner strength. You must see the challenges all the way through, go the extra mile. If you are serious about this this is an adventure, you are choosing to travel the less beaten path. Your mindset is what will separate you from the rest of the pack.

If you really push yourself to quit the bull shit day job of yours I know you can make it happen. I’m working on quitting my bull shit day job, so this is coming from my heart. I have had this dream of working for my self ever since I was a teenager, but responsibilities have gotten the better of me. Scared to make any real movement for fear of not being able to provide for my kids or making the people I care about unhappy with the decisions I was making. I put my self in the situation I am in now. It sucks ya, because I can not stand my job I have the entrepreneur inside of me screaming I should be on my computer building my business, my brand, my passion. Every single day I’m at work, or I’m out having fun with my family, or my second favorite thing to do sleeping in, I am thinking I am making the wrong moves. Walk with me and you will see that making a significant change is easy it just has to be done, incrementally. I’m on a journey of faith. My brand GGGent. My business GGGent Entertainment My Passion #GGGent_Life God-Goals-Greatness.

Keep your faith strong and hustle HARD.                                                                                                              #GGGent_Life

First order of business commit yourself to building your dream, the money will come later. Turn a couple heads in the begin start making that name for yourself. This process is long, but what most fail to realize is that this is the time where your brand is being built. Finding out what you enjoy will show in your work and that is what sells. Be true to yourself, show off what you stand for how you carry yourself, show it off on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter all of the of the other not so popular social medias out there. Put yourself out there, the opportunity is there for the taking. Start building your dream, your brand start living it, it is not like you have anything to lose. Put your time into the research. Whatever field you are entering you should to be an expert in it. Everything you need to know is out there so learn your industry. This great work ethic, knowledge and passion for what you are going to be doing will take you so far and make you incredibly happy when you are putting all of your entrepreneur spirit into what you want. Believe in what you do, what you put out into this world and good things will come your way. Hang in there let your brand grow please do not get stressed out that you are not receiving the result you want Immediately. This is what I am having a hard time with, I don’t want to go work at a dead end job “I want to work for myself and I want to do it now!” Stay consistent be true to your self and you will soon see your cash flow will develop in to exactly what you want. This is a business adventure.                           THAT IS NOT EASY.


How would you describe yourself in two to five words?


Power Fact: In the United States immigrants are twice as likely to start a business than a US citizen. When you are new to American you are hungry to succeed. When you are trying to make your way in a new place, it has more to do with survival and less to do with getting by.

Power Fact: 89 percent of eighteen to twenty nine year old’s use social media. If you are looking for people to connect with, the same interest, same passion the first place you should look is online. 50 percent of the people on this planet are now under 30 social media is the best and most efficient way to reach your market no matter what you are selling.

Power Fact: 23 percent of full time undergraduates work at a part time job at least 20 hours a week. There are always enough hours in the day

How would I describe myself in five words? TheJoe, struggling to make my dreams true.

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