The Magic of Thinking big.

The Magic of Thinking big.

The Magic of Thinking Big Notes

The difference between the average Joe and me The Joe  is I think five ten times bigger. Success is determined not the size of ones brain but by the size of ones thinking ones set of goals. The goals you select for yourself with rearrange how you go about each an everyday. Select two three all time goals everyday, all day your subconscious will store these thoughts and with you even realizing it you will start to act upon accomplishing your goals. The mind is a spooky thing. It wants the best for itself.

A person who is big enough to be humble appears more confident than the insecure man who feels more compelled to call attention to his accomplishments. A little modest goes a long way. Praise is the greatest incentive you can give others and it cost nothing.

1st class av is a short uncrowded street. There are countless vacancies waiting there for people like you who dare to think big.

The most rewarding kind of investment is self investment purchasing things that build mental power. Profit comes from only one real source. Investment.

Ideas are important make no mistake about that. We must have ideas to create and improve anything. Success shuns the man who lacks ideas.

Find out for yourself if you are the type of person who can direct major projects, manage branch offices, make a real contribute to your community.

Believe you are amongst the best, truly believe you are among the best and you will program yourself to develop habits like the best “True Story”

When you write a thought on paper your full attention is sutomatically focused onthat thought. That is because the mind is not designed to think one thought and write another at the same time.

Looking to earn more money? Go to the boss and say “ I know you will give me a raise when you feel that I deserve it. What I want is a chance to earn more money. 

Only you can command yourself to apply this training. Only you can evaluate your progress. Only you can bring about corrective action should you slip a little. In short, you are going to train yourself to achieve bigger and bigger success. Only you can do it for you.

Success (you ladies and gggents) act differently when you get knocked down. You bounce back up learn a lesson and keep moving forward #repeat over and over again.

Thousands f years ago the cavemen who had the happiest home life and was most respected by his cavemates was the fellow who was most successful as a hunter. As a generalization the same point holds true today.

A man is not doing much until the cause he works for posseses all there is of him. Your heart and soul and yu can only put only your heart and soul into something you really desire.

It is fun to feel yourself growing more confident, more effective, more successful day by day, month by month. Nothing absolutely nothing in this life gives you more satisfaction than knowing you are on the road to success and achievement

Look at things not as they are, but as they can be. Visualization adds value to everything. A big thinker always visualizes what can be done in the future. He Is not stuck with the present.

How much is a customer worth? A customer is not to be valued on a single sale but rather on an annual basis, customer service definitely with improve. It is the repeat business that makes the profit.

In marriage the big objective is peace, happiness, tranquility. Not winning quarrels or saying told you so. Develop one another’s full potential. Don’t make big issues out of minor errors.

Great units where led by people with high standards who enforced ther wants fairly and properly. These leaders simply did not surround themselves with people who could not keep up or who set low standards for self selfs.

Success is build from the top down, not form the bottom up. Change the thinking at the top and you automatically change the thinking at the bottom. When you take leadership of a group the people of that group immediately begin to adjust themselves to the standards you set.

Over a period of time subordinates tend to become carbon copies of there chief. The simplest way to get high level performance is to be sure the master copy is worth duplicating.

It is note worthy that leaders spend considerable time alone with nothing but there own thinking. The successful person in any field takes time out to confer with themselves. Leaders use solitude to put the pieces of a problem together to work out solutions to plan and in one phrase to do there thinking

A Goal is an objective. A purpose. A goal is more than a dream it is a dream being acted upon. A goal is more than hazy “oh I wish I could” A goal is a clear “This is what I’m working for.

Believe that it can be done. This experiment has just one point: when you believe something is impossible your mind goes to work for you proving why. But if you believe, really believe something can be done , your mind goes to work for you help you find ways to do it.

As a personal policy I have accepted fully the concept: if you want it done, give it to a busy man. I refuse to work on important projects with persons who have lots of free time. I have learned from painful, expensive experiences that the fellow who has plenty of time make an ineffective partner.

When yu put life in your talk you automatically put more life in you. Just try this right now. Say out loud with force and vigor. “I feel great today!” Now don’t you actually feel better than you did before you said it. Make yourself alive.

You don’t get a raise on the promise of better performance. You get a raise only by demostarting better performance. You cant harvest mone unless you plant the seeds that grow money and the seed of money is service

Some people command confidence, loyalty, and admiration while others do not. Look closer and see that those people who command the most respect are the most successful. The person who feels he is not important. is not important. To be important, we must know that we are important. Once yu know you are important others will see this and treat you importantly. How you think determines how you act. How you act in turn determines How others react to you. Self respect shows through in everything we do.


All of us set high goals at a surprisingly young age we made plans to conquer the unknown to be leaders to attain positions of high importance, to do exciting and stimulating things, to become wealthy and famous in short, to be first biggest and best. And in our blessed ignorance we saw our way clear to accomplish these goals.

You are what you think you are. If your appearance makes you think your inferior you are inferior. If it makes you think small, you are small. Look your best and you will think and act your best.

We are lifted to higher leveks by those who know us as likable personal individuals. Every friend you make lifts you just one notch higher. And being likeable makes you lighter to lift.

  1. Learn to remember peoples names, Say them right
  2. Be comfortable to be around
  3. Don’t be egotistical
  4. Cultivate the quality of being interesting so people will get something of value from their association with you
  5. Study yourself
  6. Happily help others
  7. Practice likeing other people give everyoine a chance
  8. Never miss an opportunity to be kind
  9. Give spiritual strength to people


Excutives today realize that what happends on weekends and between 6pm and 9am  directly effects the persons performance from 9am to 6pm the person with a constructive off the job life nearly always is more successful than the person who lives in a dull freary home situation. Have many refreshing activities keep boredom locked out.

  1. Circulate in new groups
  2. Select friends who have views different from your own.
  3. Select friends who stand above petty unimportant things
  4. Select your friends very carefully

A mind that inly feeds on itself soon becomes unnourished. Becoming weak and incapable of creative progress thoughts. Stimulation from others is excellent mind food. Join and participate in at least one group outside your occupational interest. Association with people who have different job interest broadens your thinking and helps you to see the big picture. You will be surprised how mixing regularly with the people outside your occupation area will stimulate you’re on the job thinking. Ideas are fruits of your thinking. But they have to be harnessed and put to work to have value.


  1. Don’t let ideas escape
  2. Review your ideas
  3. Cultivate and fertilize your ideas
  4. Make your idea grow
  5. Profit



Succes building principles

  1. Get a clear fix on your written goals
  2. Write out your ten year plan
  3. Surrender yourself to your desires
  4. Let your major goal be your automatic pilot
  5. Achieve your goals one step at a time
  6. Invest in yourself

Grow big by thinking big

  1. Don’t ever sell yourself short. You are worth X ask for Z
  2. Use words that paint a good picture, Victory, finished, pleasure, hustle
  3. Imagine what can be, not what is, Think outside and above the box
  4. Think about the shitty jobs as important ones this way when you get the good job you will appreciate it more. Treat everything like this.
  5. Focus your attention on the big objective before getting involved in petty matters.
  6. Remember it pays in every way to think big!


What does it take to make a good speech?

  1. The knowledge of what you are going to speak about and an intense desire to tell it to others.
  2. Public speakers all have one thing in common. They have something to say and they feel a burning desire for others to hear it.
  3. Do not let concern with trivia keep you from speaking successfully in public.




Paint a picture with your words.


  1. “We face a challenge.” Looks like fun, sporting event strategical puzzle that your as a team are going to solve.
  2. “We made an investment today.” Looks like something that will return great profits later on.


Know they self.

  1. Determine your five chief assets (example: education, experience in select field, technical skills, appearance, well adjusted home life, attitude, personality, initiative)


Knowledge is power When you use it constructively. 

  1. Einstein was once asked how many feet are in a mile. He relied was “I don’t know. Why should I fill my brain with facts I can find in two minutes in any standard reference book?
  2. Henry ford was involved in a libel suit with the Chicago Tribune. They asked him a bunch of questions he did not know. He replied with “I don’t know the answers to these questions but I can find a man in five minutes who does

Henry Ford, Einstein teaches a huge lesson It is more importantto use are brain to think that it is to store it with a a warehouse of facts. Every major executive knows the ability to get information is more important than knowing everything.

What you want around you are people who can solve problems, who can think up new ideas. People who can dream and then develop the dream into a practical application. AN idea man can make money with me; a fact man does not have the creativity to think outside the box.


Specific things to develop confidence

  1. Deposit only positive thoughts into your memory bank. Just before you go to bed think about all of the good that has happened in your day. Count your blessings. Recall the little victories and accomplishments be glad to be alive and have another day awaiting.
  2. Withdraw only positive thoughts from your memory bank. In short simply destroy negative thoughts before those thoughts become real mental monsters. Learn from your mistakes anything that had defeated had only taught you a good lesson learn from the negative that only positive things can come from a negative situation.

Tips to build success

  1. Be a front seater. Most people sit in the back because they don’t want to be noticed. Sitting up front builds confidence people around see you are interest in what is going on. There is nothing inconspicuous about success
  2. Make eye contact with people when you talk. How a person uses their eye says a lot.
  3. Walk faster. This tells the world you have somewhere to be, something important to do something you are on your way to get done.
  4. Speak up. The more you speak up the more your voice your thought are heard and taken intop consideration.
  5. Smile Big. Try to feel defeated and smile big at the same time. Your not able to. A big smile gives you confidence with that fear goes away

How to develop the power of belief

  1. Think success, not failure
  2. Remind yourself that you are better than you think you are
  3. Know what you believe in is concrete, Have faith.

To live more like a GGGent

  1. Look important
  2. Enjoy your work
  3. Pray several times a day

Make your environment make you successful

  1. Be environment conscious, be mindful of your surroundings
  2. Make your environment work for you.
  3. Don’t let small minded negative people hold you back
  4. Get your advice from successful people
  5. Circulate in new groups discover new stimulating things
  6. Go first class every possible chance

Turn defeat into victory.

  1. Study setbacks to pave your way to success
  2. Have the courage to be your own constructive critic(don’t be to hard on yourself)
  3. Take responsibility for what went wrong. Finx the issues
  4. Stick with your goal but don’t beat your head against a stone wall
  5. Remember there is a good side in every situation
  6. Never give up.

Want to get things done ?

  1. Be someone who is busy getting things done
  2. Don’t wait until conditions are perfect
  3. Remember ideas alone wont bring success
  4. Use action to cure fear and gain confidence
  5. Don’t wait for the spirt to move you move the spirt. The holy spirit is always with you.
  6. Start now not tomorrow or next week
  7. Get down to business
  8. Be a crusader, pick up the ball and run. Volunteer. Show that you have the ability and ambition to do so.


Open your mind Ask and listen

  1. Encourage others to talk.
  2. Test your own views in the form of questions
  3. Concentrate on what the other person is saying. (Read in between the lines)
  4. Evaluate

You will make a nice profit by opening your mind let yourself become more exposed to the ideas of intelligent people.



Success means winning,              believe you can do it the how to do it will develop,            Belief in success is the one basic absolute essential ingredient of successful people,              what a wonderful time to be alive,          ,             Successful people don’t make excuses,   I’m going to live until I die and I’m not going to get life and death confused. While I’m on Earth I am going to live. Why only be half alive?    The right attitude and one arm with beat the wrong attitude and two arms every time.            The Thinking that guides your intellect is much more important than how much intelligence you may have.

When does your productive life begin? Realize that how old you are is not important It is your attitude toward age that make it a barricade or a blessing. I’m going to start now my best years are ahead of me. This is the way #GGGent_life works.      Develop your best qualities this will make you a winner.                           

Fear is real, and we must recognize except it before we can begin to conquer it. Conquer one fear move on to the next scary objective and demolish that fear as well. The only thing to fear is the power of God.

No one is born confident, Confidence is developed through life experiences. Go Live life. Action cures fear.   Quit acting like you are defeated. Let the people around you know that you are a winner. Once people see life in you they are ready to push harder to. People are waiting for movement. Be that force that moves people.             Write down three reasons you have to be happy.   When you meet someone new make in a mental rule to think “we are just two important people discussing something of mutual interest.               To think confidently act confidently. Read it again and again. To think confidently act confidently. Confident action produces confident thinking         There is nothing inconspicuous about success.     Keep rich habits.               You are much bigger than you think. Never ever sell yourself short.          I’m determined to not let what I haven’t got stop me.          How do you see yourself? If you see you as a nobody you will be a no body. See your self as someone who is important you will be seen a s important. How do you see yourself?           It is not what you have that is important. Rather it is how much you plan on getting that counts.        Take interest in the entire operation, not just the things you like. Go around helping everyone. The im doing my job and that is enough attitude is small, negative thinking. Big thinkers see themselves as members of a team effort. Winning or losing with the team not by themselves.         When you feel like taking negative action ask your self “is was that really important.                           Think big and nothing small will be able to hold you back.                         Creative thinking is not reserved for certain occupations nor is it restricted to super intelligent people.  Creative thinking is simply finding new improved ways to do anything.                Believe that it can be done.            Belief releases creative powers     Believe, and you will start to see what awaits--- Greatness            Your mind will create a way for it to happen. Just let it happen don’t get in the way of yourself.              When there is a will there is a way.                    Think of something special you wanted to do. Go do it. What are three reseasons you can do it ?_?                         Be an experimental person.                  GGGents live with the mind set of how can I improve he quality of my performance? How Can I do better for God.        GGGents don’t ask “Can I do better?” they already know they can.              Constantly ask yourself how can I do better? How can I make more money? How can I get this bigger? How can I become faster? How can I praise the Lord more effectively? Top success is reserved for the I can do It better mindset.  A leader is a decision making machine.                How you think determines how you act. How you act in turn determines How others react to you.

Don’t expect anything from anyone but a chance.            Im going to be the best______                       To be on top you have feel like you are on top.     Write your own commercial. Page 142-143          Sell yourself to yourself (elaborate this) Upgrade your thinking upgrades your actions and this upgrades your life style.                            The body is what the body is fed. By the same token the mind is wha the mind is fed.                 Environment shapes us.              Big men do not laugh at big ideas. The idea of God is not alaughing matter. It is something to leave everything behind for.    Make no mistake you are judged by the company you keep. Birds of a do feather flock together.                      You have heard and probly hasd this argument. Can I afford first class. The answer is you can not afford to go any other way.

Attitudes do make the difference             to activate others to get them to be enthusiastic you must be enthusiastic yourself                            Dig in deeper.    Broadcast good news                   Do something special for your family often it doesn’t have to be expensive it is the thought that counts. Money is the power to help the unfortunate.                    Put service first               Success depends on the support of other people.             Take the inititu=ve inmeeting new people. Leaders always do.          Don’t be afraid to be unusual       Make sure other know who you are.       No one is perfect            The opions of other mean nothing. Please don’t let others stop you from being you. Thanks               By attention to other peoples conversations watch who does the mlst talking and who is the most successful.                    Listening to others gives the clues to be more effective.                Don’t waste time or energy

Action is the ability to get things done. Action gets results               Nothing comes merely by thinking about it. John Wanamaker                     GGGents eliminate problems before they arise.                         Waiting even makes the experts nervous              Build confidence destroy fear with action   the only way to start is by starting           people who get things done don’t wait for the spirtto move them them move the spirt. The holy spirt is always going to be with you.            Il start write now            Benjamin Franklin Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.                    People place confidence in the fellow who act   

All it ever takes is a persistent person who never gives up or thinks they can be truly  defeated.                    Salvage something from every set back                You don’t produce you don’t get where you want to go.      The important thing is not where yu were or where you are but where you want to get Dave Mahoney               The progressive corporation plans company goals ten to fifteen years ahead. Describe for us your image of yourself ten years from now.                       Before you start out know where you want to go. The road should be less bumpy visualize you future. Work , home, social What do you want to accomplish with your life?                        What do you want to be when you get older?                        Page 255            No one accomplishes more than he sets out to accomplish so visualize a big future.                   Succesfull people have there eyes focused on a goal and this provides energy                   goals cure bordom goals even cure many chronic ailments             write your goals, visually know what needs to get done                      Every human must keep an interest in life to keep lifting happy.                      We do not make one big jump to success. We do it step by step                     Consider the other persons situation.     Who ever is under a mans power is under his protection too                Stick to high standers and think improvement in everything         believe in and push for progress               Why did the children act like young devils one year and like young angels the next? The difference was the leader.                Think big enough to see that defeat is a state of mind nothing more.                     A wise man will be master of his mind, a mind will be it slave.






Look important it helps you think important              Remember your appearance talks. Be sure it says positive things about you.           Look important because it helps you think important.          Use your clothing as a tool to lift your spirits, build confidence.        Your physical exterior affects your mental interior.      Properly packaged you have a better chance of to make the sale and at a higher price.      Pay twice as much and half as many. And you will find your actually ahead money wise when you pay twice as much and buy half as many because 1. Your garments will last twice as long, the quality is better and quality stands out in appearance 2. What you buy will stay in style longer better clothing always does. 3. You will get better advice.  People who are doing better want to see people who are trying to become better get better. Remember your appearance talks to you and it talks to others. Make certain it says that you are important.


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