social advertising.

social advertising.

Social media ads are often strategically used in the early stages of marketing your game, because you can reach a broad audience and they require a smaller budget than some other forms of paid advertising.

Social media and paid advertising can be used both to generate awareness and meet performance campaign goals.

Popular iOS game used a combination of user-generated content, branded videos, and smart distribution to skyrocket their listing in the Apple app store. Working with influencers on Instagram, will have people take pictures of themselves playing the game.

Games are consistently the most downloaded type of app. By advertising within game apps, you can reach a massive amount of people that are already interested in games. If you have an RPG game, and want to drive users that are interested in RPG games, then advertising within another RPG game makes a lot of sense.

What to consider when selecting an ad network

many advertisers choose to experiment with three to five reputable ad networks. Ultimately the goal is to find valuable users at a cost that is beneficial for the advertiser, but as networks have different tools, targeting capabilities, campaign management, and creative capabilities it’s helpful to experiment and see what works best for you.

Get a sense of how much access you will have to apps where your ads can be served. Different ad networks support different ad formats, offer different targeting tools, campaign management and reporting. And, the cost to test out and try different networks is relatively low. One cost that you may incur is around needing additional creative/ad formats, as well as attribution.





Appreciate In-Game Ads

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