My 300 plus wants from God

My 300 plus wants from God

Write your vision: 

You have not because you asked not.”  UP YOUR ASK. Ask God...  

Write what you want down.
What do you want?
Write it down! 
Habakkuk 2:2  
2 Then the Lord replied: 
“Write down the revelation (the vision) 
 and make it plain on tablets. So that a herald may run with it. 
3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time; 
it speaks of the end and will not prove false. 
  Though it lingers, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. 


Exercise/ Homework: write everything down you want on a piece of paper. 300 things. When you get to 75 you may get stuck. You are going to need to open up your imagination. Do not stop until you get to 300. Then, read your list every day or night. Do this with faith in Jesus Christ (Father, Son, Holy Spirit.) Then, look back and see all the things on your list that you have been able to cross out. 

Write your wants down. 300 of them. Read that list every day. See what you and God can and have accomplished together.  

Have a vision board, have goals, discuss Them. 



I dare you to do this!  Watch and see the outcome… 


List started 10-08-2020  

  1. New home 
  2. Million dollars collecting 10 % interest yearly  
  3. Enzo Ferrari  
  4. Two, ten day vacations with my family yearly  
  5. New Microsoft surface computer top of the line 
  6. Unity plus membership  
  7. Learn unity (advance knowledge, ability to help others make games, solve problems) 
  8. Learn unity animations (advance knowledge, cutscene, mini movie clips) 
  9. Make 3d game models 
  10. Learn to rig characters for animations (Maya, unity) 
  11. website valued $100,000,000 
  12. own multi-unit buildings to rent out. Each unit rents at $1,000 a month  
  13. Not to worry or think twice about having bills paid on time. 
  14. A speed boat with umbrella cover 
  15. Overnight parties/ mini vacations with family  
  16. Spartan trifecta, ultra, agoon, and the other one 
  17. Spartan races around the world 
  18. Do spartan races with family  
  19. See my kids grow up   
  20. Be a grandpa no sooner than year 2040  
  21. Skydiving  
  22. Scuba certified 
  23. Visit Paris 
  24. Have a weekend in Paris with Mimi only! 
  25. Live in Hawaii for a year or two or more 
  26. Fresh supply of corner store white tees 
  27. Wear comfortable socks everyday  
  28. Be a part of the 1,000-pound club 
  29. Become unity certified  
  30. Own game and marketing company (GGGent Entertainment) 
  31. The Self-motivation/ inspiration to go after my wants hard body  
  32. Make GGGent movie/ season 1 
  33. GGGent movie/ season 1 have a very successful premier. Success not in money wise but in being loved by fans 
  34. To develop mobile game apps
  35. To develop a drawing app for the phone  
  36. Publish a board game  
  37. Buy cars from auctions 
  38. Sell cars from auctions, profit $$ 
  39. Make good investment  
  40. Have my game companies’ animation division become bigger than Disney. Quality standards  
  41. To understand the difference in knowing what I want and what comes with it.  
  42. To do what I have to do for what I want  
  43. Keep my faith strong and hustle Hard 
  44. Smoke weed with millionaires in my backyard  
  45. Smoke weed with millionaires on my front porch  
  46. Science experiments with Natalia  
  47. Change the world with Esther 
  48. XOXO MIMI  Love 
  49. To fly on private jets often  
  50. To visit Alaska 
  51. Visit Alaska again  
  52. A personal chef  
  53. To walk the great wall of China 
  54. Visit the pyramids  
  55. Publish a book 
  56. Speak Spanish fluently enough to have conversations with anyone. Good conversations 
  57. Not to have anger over come me anymore 
  58. Take my family camping  
  59. Own a camper, something small 
  60. Be a great animator  
  61. Build a construction/ landscape asset, that is self-ran meaning I sit back and collect a check  
  62. When I’m older 40’s plus be fun, exciting, and still adventurous  
  63. To go sky diving again  
  64. Visit Australia  
  65. Go to outer space 
  66. To leave a fortune for my kids so they will be able to live their dreams (back to #2) 
  67. To leave a fortune for my communities 315, 1st Baptist Kannapolis, and other  
  68. To do HUGE things 
  69. Grow pot  
  70. Sell pot legally  
  71. GGGent to be a staple in the game, anime, culture (Mario, GTA, God of war, Anime shows) 
  72. To always be able to laugh and play with my kids until the day I die 
  73. Play donkey Kong with mom (Donkey Kong Weekend) 
  74. Sail the ocean  
  75. Visit a jungle  
  76. Visit Italy  
  77. Travel the world over and over again  
  78. Visit Jamaica 
  79. Spread the word of God 
  80. Never sell GGGent Guy, Hellvile, IP Intellectual property  
  81. Rebuild a car engine  
  82. Buy and sell nice cars regularly  
  83. Play the trade game. Trade up trade up  
  84. To learn ju-jitsu  
  85. Become a black belt in ju-jitsu  
  86. Do Tie-chi 
  87. Wear suits and ties more often, other than church  
  88. Be a peace for MIMI. 
  89. Be encouragement for MIMI 
  90. Be inspiration for MIMI 
  91. Be inspiration for my kids  
  92. Be someone my kids are not scared to come to  
  93. Be an inspiration for the world  
  94. Don’t want to be paralyzed  
  95. To always rejoice in the Lord 
  96. To be mentored in some way by pastor Tom 
  97. Find good mentors 
  98. To be apart of something  
  99. to create, expand GGGent brand (GGGent Entertainment)  into something bigger  
  100. Legendary  
  101. Not to hit anything in anger  
  102. Not to break anything in anger 
  103. When I am angry other not to know.  
  104. Read the bible a lot more 
  105. To be a mentor to others 
  106. Have a maid come and clean my house when girls don’t live at home  
  107. Have a much greater grasp of the bible 
  108. Visit Africa 
  109. Live in El Salvador for a few months (more or less)  
  110. Have a 3d printer  
  111. To be a great leader  
  112. Express my vision to other and they execute it  
  113. Run for president (win or lose don’t care)  
  114. To have Batman like discipline 
  115. Win. 
  116. Win ju-jitsu tournaments 
  117. To be able to dance  
  118. To have confidence to get after all of these wants  
  119. Have an amazing work life balance 
  120. Take MIMI on fancy dates 
  121. Be much more productive 
  122. Have amazing sex more regularly with MIMI  
  123. To get my dick sucked WAY more by MIMI 
  124. To never get a divorce 
  125. To never seriously think about divorce 
  126. Never to lose my mind  
  127. Always be able to wipe my own ass 
  128. Manifest more energy through out the day  
  129. Wake up and get out of bed before my 5 30 alarm goes off. 
  130. Clean up the ocean  
  131. Go Green (legalize marijuana, be creative, profit, clean the planet) 
  132. Have solar panel farm 
  133. Clean up neighborhoods 
  134. Have superpowers, think Batman / Bruce Wayne  
  135. A dope relaxed man cave  
  136. Have my picture on the wall at restaurants for winning eating food competitions 
  137. To meet Ed Mylett 
  138. Explore caves 
  139. Underwater explore 
  140. Scuba dive a sunken ship  
  141. Visit Tokyo  
  142. Never to get severely sick  
  143. Visit Orlando Florida Disney land 
  144. Go on and ride the world’s biggest roller coaster  
  145. Have an 700 plus-credit score 
  146. To give people jobs they can prosper on  
  147. Stay out of prison/ jail 
  148. Play in poker tournaments 
  149. Do spartan races with MIMI 
  150. Do spartan races with MIMI around the world  
  151. Build a team of people who want to do spartan races GGGent Life 
  152. 6 am jogs with people GGGent Life 
  153. Spend more time talking about God Jesus faith  
  154. Express love instead of disappointment. Mainly to my girls 
  155. Cool calm collected, damn near always 
  156. Remind others that God is in control  
  157. Have a houseboat  
  158. To throw a grenade 
  159. Shoot a sniper  
  160. Shoot moving targets 
  161. Shoot a machine gun  
  162. Empty a machine gun clip. Fully loaded to empty  
  163. To go hunting  
  164. Try exotic food  
  165. Be friends with people who are doing better than me physically, mentally, spiritually, financially 
  166. To have good health dental vision insurance 
  167. To have good health and dental vision insurance for my family  
  168. Go snowboarding  
  169. Buy a cool snowboard
  170. Have 6 pack abs 
  171. I want to be able to help people get closer to God 
  172. Stay focused and finish task  
  173. Make 3d movies 
  174. Never go to Kim’s again to do stalls 
  175. Get MIMI out of a mini van  
  176. Own a house in different states, Hubs of where I spend a lot of time 
  177. Have fast turbo power car 
  178. Have a Toyota Supra  
  179. To be involved in hosting street racing events 
  180. To be involved in hosting events (GGGent Entertainment) 
  181. To stay healthy  
  182. To make more money monthly 
  183. Fully self employed  
  184. Captain straw hat Joey  (Praise God, Have fun, Work hard, Make sure the crew eats good)
  185. “To give away more than I have” 
  186. To have collect over 100 different monopoly board games
  187. For my life to have meant something  
  188. To be remembered worldwide 
  189. To learn how to enjoy every moment, embrace moments 
  190. Have NICE gun collection  
  191. Tommy gun in that NICE collection  
  192. To own a fast food franchise (Chik filla) 
  193. My kitchen to have marble or granite counter tops 
  194. Not to live in a home where there are bugs inside 
  195. To have someone to work with side by side running business 
  196. GGGent Entertainment work on HUGE name projects 
  197. Hang out in the desert for a weekend 
  198. Snow board down sand dunes in the desert 
  199. DR. in animation  
  200. Join Air Force 
  201. GGGent Entertainment making VR, augmented reality games 
  202. Be current with latest technology by actively creating entertainment with it. 
  203. To always have great open relationship with my ladies  
  204. Create money online this year 2020 and moving forward 
  205. My name to be on end credits of movies 
  206. My name to be on end credits of games 
  207. My company employees to be on end credits of games 
  208. My company employees to be on end credits of movies 
  209. Company GGGent Entertainment be working Big movies and games mega million dollar budgets 
  210. Have a dog Boston terrier 
  211. Visit all 50 states 
  212. Have one more kid. Once house is paid off 
  213. Have no more than two more kids 
  214. Bike ride with Brandon across states 
  215. Climb mountains 
  216. Have real friends  
  217. Leave PMC ASAP 
  218. Pay a house off in 6 years. 
  219. Block party cook outs 
  220. I am the Captain Not the boss. I say this is what we are doing we do it. The boss and I make it happen 
  221. Coach soccer for church  
  222. Make commercials  
  223. Follow the way ~Praise the Lord, have fun, work really hard, and make sure the crew eats good.~ 
  224. Make money with you tube  
  225. Have a gold chain with GGGent pendent  
  226. Have a gold chain with anchor and cross pendent 
  227. Buy gold 
  228. Have at least two gold bricks 
  229. Make gold jewelry  
  230. Enjoy my rewards 
  231. Leave good lessons for others to learn by 
  232. Make memories with MIMI 
  233. Visit Jerusalem Jesus temple tomb 
  234. Have my breath taken away  
  235. Leave a legacy  
  236. Hang out Mike on the weekends  
  237. Have a vacation in New Zealand with Eric 
  238. Hang out with Mike my brother “2nd hand lions movie” 
  239. Never ever sell out 
  240. Go through the hard times for what is right  
  241. Go to a cos play show 
  242. Have booth in comic, game  and other events to build GGGent reputation 
  243. Buy construction machines  
  244. Be a teacher 
  245. Be left alone and happy with my family when I am old 
  246. Not to kill any one  
  247. Ride in a fighter jet  
  248. Be promoted to Sgt. in Air force 
  249. Be promoted to Master Sargent in Air Force 
  250. Help people achieve their dreams
  251. Jump off a cliff into the water 
  252. Go tubing down river 
  253. Go mudding  
  254. Be the go to guy  
  255. I want to finish this list of 300 wants 
  257. Love Real
  258. When I eat we all eat  
  259. Stay up 48 hours no nap breaks  
  260. Continue to embarrass my ladies, you know in a good fun way. 
  261. Stay bald 
  262. Get tasered  
  263. Cut down my own Christmas tree at least once 
  264. Be good at drifting cars 
  265. Improve my life
  266. Become really good at chess
  267. Build on Vhalcaliber I.P. 
  268. Build on Savage Empire I.P. 
  269. Build on cyber punk girl I.P.
  270. Do something with all of the notes and content I have 
  271. Watch all 007 movies 
  272. prioritize better  
  273.  Tell MIMI I love her at least once a day until the day I die 
  274. Get others to do the 100 burpee challenge with me  
  275. Collaborate with other artist  
  276. Read 52 books in a year  
  277. Animate kids books 
  278. Have that dance with Esther on her Quinceanera  
  279. Have that dance with Natalia on her Quinceanera  
  280. Walk Esther down the aisle on her wedding day  
  281. Walk Natalia down the aisle on her wedding day  
  282. Go ocean fishing  
  283. Catch a shark fishing  
  284. Get Lasik eye surgery  
  285. Smoke weed freely  
  286. Throw a party in the desert 
  287. Make water 
  288. Go on a cruise  
  289. Sell/ give away bags with GGGent logo and swag in side 
  290. Have fun creating  
  291. Have fun 
  292. Stop being week to food  
  293. Go on mission trips 
  294. Help Utica 315 some how 
  295. Be alive to Hug, hold and baby sit my grand kids  
  296. Do burpees with Spartan founder 
  297. Do all things in the name of God  
  298. Put my mind and body to the test.
  299. Be inspiration/ motivation for others 
  300. When  I think about calling someone, call that person  
  301. To take immediate action on my positive direct thoughts 
  302. To sleep on things, there is no rush  
  303. Have chicken fight  
  304. Have chicken (eggs and food)  
  305. Bring the team, crew on trips around the world with me  
  306. Run for mayor (win or lose don’t care)  
  307. To learn  
  308. Go on mission trips 
  309. Finish what I start  
  310. Visit peru 
  311. Visit Brazil  
  312. To squad up .. 3000 WORLD COLLABORATION 

 “You have not because you asked not.”  I don’t have the life I dream of because I have not asked God for the path to obtain the life I imagine for myself.  

Habakkuk 2:2 

2 Then the Lord replied: 

“Write down the revelation (The Vision) and make it plain on tablets 
so that a herald may run with it. 
3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time; 

it speaks of the end and will not prove false. 
  Though it linger, wait for it; 
it will certainly come 
and will not delay. 


Wealthy people have vision boards and they discuss them. 

Do this in faith and within one year look at and see 

all the things on this list that I have been able to cross out. 

“I have not because you ask not.” 

GGGent Life  


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