Organic and paid. Recognized how developers can make money.

recognized how developers can make more money than they spend.
Why do you need both paid and organic?
Organic user acquisition: Marketing efforts to promote your game to drive app installs without paid marketing dollars.
Paid user acquisition: Marketing efforts to promote your game to drive app installs with paid marketing dollars.
the app store is a very crowded place, with over 2.6 M apps available in the Google Play store and 2.2 M available in the Apple store, making it hard for discovery.
Reviews: Reviews listed on the app store or in trades/media publications
Content marketing: Blog posts or content on the studios own channels
Guerrilla marketing: Partnering with game websites, social posts, etc.
PR and Media: Press coverage within media publications
Word of mouth: Other players/users promoting the game to their friends or on social media
In app growth
Natural growth within the app.
Paid user acquisition:
Performance campaigns: focused on getting users to take a specific action and paying when that action is completed.
Awareness campaigns: are focused on getting your message out there and getting users familiar with your brand/app. Awareness is considered top of the marketing funnel and the idea is to create air coverage of your game/app.
Awareness campaign pricing models are typically on a CPM (cost per mille also called cost-per-thousand- impressions). CPM pricing is the price you pay to have your ad shown 1,000 times, regardless if someone clicks on it or not.

Pricing models for paid user acquisition

These models ensure you are only paying when the user takes the specific action you want them to take, such as:
Click on an ad
--- Install the game from the ad
--- Take a specific action or engagement within your game
Technically, this is what you will be looking at:
--- CPI (cost per install)
--- CPC (cost per click)
--- CPA (cost per action) or CPE (cost per engagement): Cost per action or engagement could be something like not only installing the game but also completing the first tutorial.
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