Learning what #GGGent_Life is.

Learning what #GGGent_Life is.

Notes #GGGent_Life


Provide. Big Facts

Vision w/ goals =

When I have full control over my time and money that is partially what wealth is.

Do you have dreams

dollars for hours ?_? my time is more valuable than money.

Yeah I'm thinking what you're saying

change vehicles get into the vehicle that will get you to where you want to be and how you want to get there the choice is yours on how you get there

do you have the willingness to do more

build assets so you can do what you want spend time with family , invest more often , live a gents life

generational wealth

where is your mindset at

do I hang out with people who are living the type of life I want to live

fight 4 an elite spot

find someone who lives the life you live and learn from them

get you a cash cow in milk it then invest the milk the cash

yes let's focus on big business

key to making money is ownership

strategic partnerships what are they

principles of success what are they how do you put it into action

world wide group perspective and advice

I want to be an aircraft carrier not a canoe


buy from my own store have an urn something to duplicate

who do you want to invest your time and money into

add value to others

i don't know if i have the mindset because i don't understand

we're going to make the world a better place

i have designed myself to be like this I've made myself by influences in my life

What is this business a people business it is who not the what we are connectors

relational not transactional what the ****

whp do I want to put my time money and resources in 2

he told me I could connect with him so I did

I'm building a brand I must put out content

90% business to 10% friend overtime 10% business to 90% friends do we like you to build assets together

pay it forward

this is a lifestyle thing


One or 2 influential people can change your life

you have to plant a fruit tree and you have 2 neighbors . one who has a fruitful tree or the neighbor who has a fruitless tree . who are you going to ask for advice

you're busy ha ha ha get your priorities in order

you're busy now to the point you don't have time to improve . you must change something immediately or else 5 years from now nothing is going to change

I'm a businessman

questions 1 3 years from now you could do anything with your time what would you be doing how do you make that happen question 2 who would you bless with your blessings question 3 have you had any significant mentors coaches teachers leadership in your life

trying to be a cut above

most of the time the busy someone is a more effective some person

I'm a self made multimillionaire no I'm a multi millionaire who has had a lot of help I did not get here all by myself

understand I am growing better if my interest change …..

who are the types of people they make statues of

saving money is one way to get wealthy don't hold your breath shopping for profit is a much faster way to wealth

take that money you saved and put it into the savings in a separate account that grows interests the money saved will be spent anyways if it was not on a sale take the money from the sale and put into a separate savings

building it is one thing keeping it together is another

your dreams better be bigger than your income let's talk about the dream



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