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Instagram Marketing

Brand Awareness

Use this Instagram Engagement Calculator to monitor you engagement rate. You can also join pods on FB to give you a little boost. Use this Instagram Engagement Calculator to monitor you engagement rate. You can also join pods on FB to give you a little boost.

This is where the research comes into play. Try doing some research, go on instagram and find viral content accounts and see what they are posting. Once you find your niche, go read up on dm groups and power likes.

Tailor your brand promise

Now that you’ve identified your target market you’ll need to craft a message that reaches and speaks to that market while reinforcing your brand identity. It not only explains what you have to offer, why you’re different, and why anyone should buy from you, but it should communicate the promise you’re making the customer. This promise speaks to the integrity of your business.


The best way to organically accumulate followers now is to (a) post the highest quality and best content possible. If it doesn’t match your quality standard, don’t post at all, (b) post frequently, 2-4x per day, and, (c) engage - like and comment on other relevant posts in your category with substance. Reply back to comments on your posts. If you follow this simple formula, you’ll see immense growth.

tell an important brand narrative with every piece of content.

A good Instagram caption has the ability to make a relatively good Instagram post something that reverberates meaningfully with audiences. The secret behind writing more engaging Instagram captions is to enlarge on the story that is being told by illustrations.

best Instagram marketers make Instagram stories because this feature allows brands to make more engagement with followers daily and on schedule. Stories include more features like annotations, live video and filters too, which help brands of all types to create and manage new contents for more engagement.

Example I started a production company with my friend and our first film is going to be a Halloween Fan Film. So my first idea was to message Halloween Fan Film pages and ask them to share our movie with this pitch:…….this could also work for this situationYou can try it. Use ads too. If you wanna go hardcore... make 50 accounts for your movie and bot the hell out of all 50 accounts. On 50 bottled accounts you could follow and like a total of about 60k people PER DAY.

I use the trick in Chrome of presenting yourself to IG as coming from a mobile device to be able to post from a computer

So for your artwork you could do videos panning back and forth with music in the background, and photos could be of highlights of specific close up shots, a work in process post day where you share each step.

Encourage to make quality content. Thats all they need. Be active. Build relationships. Post frequent but without sacrificing quality.

3 quality post a day works to gain traction build engagement, followers. Quality is more important

Stories are very important for small business brands

The recipe is so simple. I paid for Instagram shout outs to promote my eCom store products. As Instagram is a super engaging platform, it drove crazy traffic to my eCom product pages.

Luckily I had my Facebook Pixel installed beforehand because I was already doing Facebook ads. So once I was having massive traffic from Instagram, it fired my facebook pixel in just two days.

Once the Facebook pixel fires, it only then turns into an incredible marketing tool. That is when you start to create LLA to re-target existing audiences together with LLAs.

So use the Instagram audience to re-target them on Facebook and create LLAs to retain more sells by advertising to them.


The numbers are heavily skewed to younger folk. 18- to 29-year-olds comprise 59 percent of users in the U.S., followed by the 30 to 49-year-olds accounting for 33 percent.

Meanwhile, 70 percent of American Instagram users have a post-secondary education.


Bios will help their brand stand out against an ever-expanding sea of competition. if you’re not doing everything you can to get the most out of your Instagram Bio, you’re losing out.  your Instagram Bio needs to tell people exactly who you are. answer the questions a potential customer might have. What does your business do? 


  • In the morning (8am – 10 am)

This period of time as it is the first hours of the day, people publicly check their Instagram home for the first time and that’s why it is so important.

  • In the afternoon (16:30pm – 19 pm)

This period, as it is immediately the end of hours of work time, the possible of published posts being attracted by audiences will be higher.

  • In the Midnight (22pm – 1 am)

Finally the last period of time will be midnight. In these hours, people often check their social media before going to sleep and that’s why it is the golden time.



improve your bio. Make it clear what your page is about and clearly state your benefit to the viewer.

Find your competition or pages like yours in your niche. Follow those who engaged with there posts. 

Talk to people who are interested, don't waste your time trying to convince the masses that they should care

When you reach 5k followers thats when quality really makes a hugely noticeable impact. Posts start hitting discover page constantly and bring in hundreds of followers. 

I first monetized my "luxury" themed page so what I did was I looked at other large luxury pages and saw what types of products they were promoting. I saw that it was mainly bracelets and small accessories. I went to relevant hashtags to the product I want to promote such as #mensfashion #mensaccessories etc and sent a DM asking the companies / brands if they want to purchase a promotion. I found that about 1/15 or 20 would say yes. gardian3

Instagram is better for building brand awareness and getting impressions than stuff like affiliate sales. Not a lot of people are on Instagram to buy stuff, most are just browsing pictures. So the company should only pay you for shout outs.

What do great call to actions look like. You forgot the most important thing for your bio and thats a call to action. People like to be told what to do and simply putting the thought in their head to follow you will make them much more likely to do it.

You'll know your following is high enough when companies contact you, not the other way around. You’ll be needing to say, “No,” to a lot of things when the time is right to monetize. You won’t really need to go out there and solicit.

What the fuck are ghost followers and how do I know who they are

Instagram's algorithm is now all based on engagement if you have a lot of followers that don’t interact with your content, this tells Instagram you don’t make good content, so they limit your organic discoverability.

If you are looking for brand awareness look into influencer platforms (google search influencer platforms), contact larger accounts within the niche as yours and network with them. How can you help them help you? Influencers will bring you real people who will actually follow and engage with you for as long as you are staying constantan. Don’t give your followers a reason to look for someone new to follow.

Join an engagement group (wtf is this)


Sell Instagram Account

Ask yourself a few questions: What value do you see in this username? Is it marketable or tied to a marketable item or brand? Would you pay for your own asking amount?



optimize your hashtags (unless you have a massive following, use ones with less than 50k-100k so that you show up on top posts)

hashtags don’t seem to work anymore on Instagram

he more you interact with posts within the hashtags you’re trying to reach the top of - the more weight your posts have when the algorithm is considering it.


Get Followers strategies

To get my followers, I go to the primary broad hashtag in my niche (in this case, anime) and like all of the recent pictures. I do this by liking all recent pictures until they get to be around 4 minutes old, then I go back up and refresh, and like all the pictures until I reach the first picture I initially liked. Notice that because they are new posts, the posters are likely still on the app so immediately know when I like the pic. I rinse and repeat until instagram forces me to stop liking pictures, meaning once I like a picture, the heart will immediately go back to white. I do this once per hour and I find it to be quite safe, never got banned using this specific technique. It comes out to around 180 likes per hour, by the way. u/tim12321

Comment on the posts in your niche. Comments are more noticeable for other instagrammers and definitely more valuable for posters. Combined with likes it should give you more recognition. Also try to make more genuine comments, same repetitive comments can give you bad reputation. wishihadeightdollars

Running an giveaway/contest is a great way to drum up your Instagram following (which sounds like your primary goal), but it's important to remember that your "prize" has to been seen as valuable in the eyes of your followers. And unless that $5 keychain is super duper badass, I don't know if it'll cut it.

You attract new followers through how you engage on other posts. I tend to go through different hashtags and like and comment, as well as target people who like, comment on, and follow similar accounts to me. I’ll pick a recent post from a large account in my category It’s hard work to do it the right way, but it’s worth it - follower retention is much higher, because they’ve consciously decided to follow you. Growing followers is all about building communities. You need to get them to genuinely like your content in order to really grow. Start engaging with other accounts often!

Doing influencer marketing and collaborations can significantly increase your audience reach and even grow your following size.


Questions in your caption Questions can help you get more “engagement” (if your goal is to grow your Instagram page). Don’t go crazy asking questions all the time.

Ask people to tag other accounts This is a very fun Instagram caption idea because you’re inviting people to join the fun. Ideas: Tag 3 people who always have your back 

Follow a story / sequence Writing captions can be easier if you tell a story. Think about your Instagram as a TV series. All the episodes in a series are linked together.

Break down your paragraphs using emoji Why so serious on Instagram? Some people are having a blast in their Instagram caption.

Be yourself, people will automatically connect It sounds cliché, but it’s true: there’s nobody else out there like you, so be yourself and you will stand out (re-read this sentence).

Find engagement pods on facebook and Instagram itself




InstaReport: to unfollow people not following me back.

influencer auditor can help you verify their legitimacy of your followets.

Shoutcart: if you want to see what shout outs are selling for.

Phlanx is a notable platform you can use for influencer marketing

Auditor: gives u a full insight and all the data you might need to understand who ur followers are

Influencer auditor use analytics to verify the legitimacy of an influencer. To grow Instagram accounts, you to automate everything in a natural way It also allows you to automatically follow pages in your niche in order to have quality followers.

You can also schedule your publications in advance for the coming weeks or months.


Analytics for instgram: keeps track of my follower growth, post count, and like count

Instagram Engagement Calculator to monitor my engagement rate and also to check out other's engagements when I am wanting to collaborate with them.


Make Money with Instagram

I have seen people charge 5$ per shoutout on a 25k account getting 1k+ likes per picture and have seen people charging 50$ for about the same. Im not sure how much they make to be honest but have heard of people making 600$ a month at 50k followers. You wont really know until you are there and your at least a few months away from being there. u/Somewhatinformed






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