How to use Facebook for Business

How to use Facebook for Business

How to use Facebook for Business

* Social Media & inbound marking are increasing important assists for business to get found by & engage with potential buyers on the web.

- 41 % of business to business Components have generates a customer thru Facebook


Business goals to set on Facebook

  1. Get found by people who are searching for your products or services
  2. Connect & engage with current & potential followers & customers
  3. Create a community around your business
  4. Promote the Content you created including Webinars, eBooks, blog articles, press releases, video’s & photos
  5. Generate leads & customers for your business



  • Page – official presence for public fingers, artist bands, Businesses Bla, Bla, Bla, Ext… This is the way business can use Facebook to drive traffic and customer to your website
  • Join networks, by joining networks you make it easier for others to find you in searches when you share a common interest.

*Enable ads, advertise your page can be a very beneficial to your business. You can enable ads here, which will allow you to later go back and set up advertising accounts. For a detailed description of creating fb ads, read “How to Create Epic Facebook Ads.”

- You can connect various apps to your business page these apps allow you to connect you social media accounts and others to your page. This will be useful for your page for good advertising.                                  

–Ask your audience questions. Have them post their answers. This will engage the current fans and attract future ones.                                                                                                                 

-Post content worth reading.

  • Page visibility- let your audience in other networks know about your page. Add a like us button in all emails & blog post that you generate.
  • Respond to users and their questions and or complains immediately. A user post a negative comment address quickly and positively. Build a brand with a positive image.
  • $$$ use Facebook ads for paid promotions. To increase the reach of your brand name, you can use fb ads to promote content & business page.

Groups a group is a place for a community of people to discuss common interest. A group is essentially a page that is used as a chat room for a specific group of people



Businesses best practices for Facebook use

  1. Be interactive, when people reach your page they are looking for entertainment & a connection to the to the brand. Give advice, tips related to your products. – Post entertaining content such as short videos, comments, case studies, and appealing places.
  2. Give people a sneek peak at new releases. Give special coupons and or discount codes for the people that are most involved.
  3. Post interesting industry news. Do Not use your page only for self-promotion. Make your page a place people want to visit. Keep it updated.
  4. Like other company pages. Connecting with partners, valued customers and vendors can strengthen relations & Facebook business page credibility.
  5. Focus on engagement. You are trying to connect and get responses from your community. Ask questions, post helpful tips, links articles that your audience will like and share.
  6. Don’t under or over sell. 80-20 rule of sales, message vs. content/connection post. Say you post 5 times a day/week. One post should be sales and the other four are helpful, fun, entertaining content.

Tracking success

How many people did each post reach? How many people are talking about it? And how viral is it? These are all questions that can be answered thru Facebook insights. Marketers use this to see what types of post are most successful.

Fan demographics tells you a lot about your audience. So the data should then be used to tailor content to people who acully want your info/ product.

 *Also track Facebook success & engagement thru


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