How to spend

Once you are ready to begin advertising, use as much of your existing data as possible. If you don’t have that much data to support your decisions, you can start the user acquisition campaign broadly. You can also explore different pricing strategy options, to see how low you can bid while still getting meaningful conversion volume.
Other than advertise your game,
your mindset should be to test test test!

How much to spend? 

While there is not an exact formula to determine your starting budget, you should aim to spend enough to test at least one to three different ad partners, and gather enough installs and spend to evaluate the quality of the advertising inventory source or the app where your ad runs within.

Video Ads: 

Playables: Enable users to actually try out your game, and can lead to qualified downloads since the user knows exactly what they are getting

Banner adsLa form of smaller sized graphical ads, typically including static images & text to convey a marketing message.

Interstitials (Non rewarded or skip able ads: Ads that appear between two content pages. These can be videos, static, or rich media. 

Native Ads: Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.

End cards:  static or animated image including the app icon and call to action 

Now it’s time to determine what kind of targeting strategies you want to deploy in order to reach the right audience.  good strategy is to limit your targeting tactics. Target your players:

1. Device type

2. Operating system

3. Internet connection

4. demographic

the more you break down your audience into different groups, and the more accurately you can define them, the better the ads you can serve them to convert them into new users. by narrowing your pool, you’re limiting the scale of your reach. You’ll need to balance implementing the targeting strategies that get you the users you want with reaching a wide base of potential new users.

ARPDAU: Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (daily revenue divided by the number of active users). This metric helps you understand how much revenue each of your players generate daily.
ARPU This metric helps you understand how much revenue each of your players generate daily. helps you understand how much revenue each of your players generate daily.
ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User): you understand your loyal, IAP paying customers
As you run your campaigns, you need to pay attention to the scale and quality of your installs. To understand the volume of installs you are generating, an important metric to monitor is the number of installs you get based on impressions served – the CVR. If your conversion rate is poor, then you may not be able to scale.
With regard to understanding the quality of these users and the value the users bring after the app is downloaded, you will focus on the post-install metrics. 
--- Retention
--- Return on ad spend
Test out multiple channels and partners.
That is why it is critical to focus on post-install metrics and understanding the return on ad spend for acquiring these users. That way, you will be focusing on making optimizations and tweaking your strategy to ensure you are not spending money without a return.



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