Effective Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Creating content like blog posts, videos, or tutorials can be one of your most powerful channels to build an audience. It’s cost-effective, can help you build your brand for the
To be successful, find a topic that you’re knowledgeable and passionate about, take it an associate it with your brand, The best content is:
--- Authentic
--- Transparent
--- Detailed
Effective and engaging content marketing takes time.
70 million new blog posts are created every month. Over 300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every hour. It’s becoming harder than ever to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace. 
If you’re looking to build a long-term brand and become known as an authority in a particular area(for example, game development, game design, or idol games), then content marketing could be right for you.
Create Content.
Creating that content is actually quite easy to do – you just need to be deliberate about your actions. You still create the same game, but you take a bit of extra time to write down some insights throughout your day, or take some photos while it’s being created.
Share your content.
Once that content is created, you can reach out to websites and blogs that write about game development or game design, and ask them if their readers would be interested in your behind-the-scenes story. You’ll be surprised at how many people take you up on your offer. Remember that those websites are constantly looking for new content for their users as well, so it’s a win-win for both of you.
You need to put in the hours to promote your game to the right people.
Just like when you share your content, you need to engage with others in the most authentic way possible. You can get a lot of attention for your game by partnering with existing game websites
One of the most underused features of social media apps like Facebook and Linkedin are the groups. These include channels where game developers can talk shop, gamers can discover new games, and game review websites can find fresh content. If you can be a part of those groups, it will make your launch even easier.  look for niche websites
If you manage to build a referral system within your app, it could be one of the biggest drivers of growth for your game out of every one of these marketing channels. When most people think about marketing their app, they think about different channels like social media or paid ads, but often one of the most powerful levers of growth isn’t even a channel at all. It’s your own app!
How can it work in practice
Dropbox, a cloud-based file storage solution, grew 3900% over 15 months almost entirely from their simple but effective referral strategy. The idea was to use their own users to fuel exponential growth in the company’s early days. Dropbox offered additional storage to people if they referred their friends. The referral program was effective because:
1.It was directly tied to the usage of their product
2.The more people that were invited, the more people would use the storage
3. Users started becoming hooked
4.This created a viral loop of referrals
The most remarkable part of the story is that Dropbox achieves this growth within 15 months. In September 2008, they had about 100,000 users. By December 2009, they had 4 million users. referred customers were more profitable and more loyal than customers acquired by other channels.
If you manage to build a referral system within your app,
it could be one of the biggest drivers of growth
for your game out of every one of these marketing channels. 
The best way to create an effective referral strategy is to:
1. Make the referral process part of the gameplay design
2. Make your referral program feel natural

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