Document 3 (Pt1. Game Dev Blog)

Document 3 (Pt1. Game Dev Blog)

Document 3: Dev Blog Run & gun 2d side scrolling shooter. Figure your way through levels designed for fast pace an action. Co-op, And Lot of upgrades.

Progress Post. 

This is the set of tutorials I have been using to get me to this point of game play. No complaints this guy spent Time to help any game dev out there learning all I have to say is thanks for what you made. 

Unity Platformer Tutorial:

As soon as I finish the set of tutorials above I will be using these these will hep me with platforms moving and more. Check it out if you haven't already clicked the link. Hope it helps

Unity Platformer tutorial pt2:

This part took me over two hours to do. That included quickly putting the art together and I still only have one level highlight done. But now knowing how to do it the rest of the level highlights I should get done before the new years lmao 

High Light Buttons:

Super easy just like I how I remember. The changing of a scene is as easy as turning the pages of a book. Check the link out below.

Change Scene:


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