Discipline equals freedom field manual

Discipline equals freedom field manual

Discipline equals freedom field manual By Jocko Willink

Discipline equals freedom

There is no shortcut there's no hack there's only one way so get after it

if you want to take the easy road go ahead they won't get you to where you want to be though

what your why

ask yourself over and over again why you do what you do

train brutally and without mercy so you can by bruderly and without mercy

you will train and you will win / you will work and you will earn

God died for my sins And I should be working every day minute second. I should live to honor his sacrifices

where does disciple come from. Discipline comes from within

the idea in your head what is it

you want to improve you want to get better star right now right here initiate action

initiate action

you have to do it to get it

learn from your role models fault who are your role model

we are our minds

you have control over your mind you just have to assert it

you have to decide to be in control of you

Don't let your mind control you control your mind

I am weak but I do not except the

I thrive for success

I strive to be just a little bit better today than I was yesterday

humans can withstand almost inconceivable amount of stress and you can too

solve the problem

it takes emotional logic to reach your maximum potential

you cannot relax until the entire mission is completed

you always have more to do another mission another task another goal

face your fears so you can conquer them

make yourself stronger mentally spiritually and physically

do you have a fire in your mind that says I'm going to win I do

people who are successful have decided they where going to be successful. Have you made your mind up yet

have you made your mind up yet . what's on your mind

what's on your mind

is never too late to start becoming better smarter stronger nicer and healthier

fear a failure is good 

do not take the easy way out

do not give into the immediate gratification that is whispering into your ear shut that down now do not listen to it

walk around filled with regret will get you nothing learn and move on

Let regret teach you but it make you better let the fear of regret food you to take action today now

be a person filled with knowledge and strength and power and most important life

my long term goal is so imbedded in my mind I never lose sight of it ever

why did you let that happen you lost sight of your long term goal

the goal is not going to achieve itself

hesitation allows the moment to pass that and the opportunity to be lost

do not wait go forward and win

are you going to start going down the spiral negativity of send me a DM or comment you have a community of people who are willing to pull you up

are you want who can handle it when others are not

when bad things happen I have to be the one good thing standing talk

positive attitude will not solve a problem but neither will dwelling on the problem

accept reality focus on the solution

how blessed are we to have today

with every day with purpose and passion

No more excuses I'll start tomorrow just as one last time shortcuts unhealthy habits unproductive attitudes procrastination indecisive now is the time for strength extreme willpower and strict discipline

I will become what I want to be in I will become who I want to be

don't count on motivation count I'll discipline

you know what you have to do move yourself to do it you do that with discipline

I look at others who do achieve greatness in their professions and I say look at what is possible.

I try and I try and I try again and again and again… and i try again and I try again.

Here is normal

walk bravely and aggressively toward your fears make your fears scared of you

Be aggressive take action now take that first step. Hopefully this is your 12th 13th or 14th step and this is just the nudge needed. Go…!

You come excited when you are presented new challenges

while they are there watching me talking about me I'm working I'm working hard I'm taking things to the next level you keep gossiping I'll keep working you keep talking smack I'll keep out working you you keep chattering about things I'll keep making things

Because you will lose and I will win


do it quickly without thought do not reason with weakness you must only take action #NoExcuses

get up and go

life is tough. smile wave it stay focus

getting up early .this will be hard at first but it will become normal

at the end of the day you want to be tired. for taking actions on your goals

maintain the routine maintain the discipline get creative get aggressive maintain your routine and improve it

you ready

you ready Are you ready mentally Are you ready physically Are you ready emotionally

Are you ready mentally you really physically we ready 


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