core gameplay, strengthened by monetization

What if your players enjoy the core gameplay, strengthened by a monetization strategy, so much that they would feel justified in purchasing IAPs and watching rewarded ads to receive fun benefits and support you as the developer?
That is the kind of impact your monetization strategy can have on players: to enhance their experience and make them enjoy your game even more!
Ads are the most common method that content creators use to enable their content to be consumed for free.
In-app purchases (IAPs)
In-app purchases are a great way to allow users to make purchases within the context of their gameplay. This may include the ability to buy virtual currency, which can be used to acquire valuable assets to help your players advance through the game. This is a common way that many developers get started with monetization, as it is natively integrated into what the player is already doing.
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This causes players to leave the game, usually without ever returning. You may be wondering: How can I prevent this? Fortunately you can prevent this through both proactive planning and reactive adjustments.
Proactive planing: 
Do a competitive analysis and research to investigate what other similar games are doing, especially those which appear to be having success in their:
---App store ranking
---Volume of downloads
Download the top three to five games ranked in that category, paying close attention to how, where, and when the game introduces an opportunity for revenue generation either through ads or IAP.
---Search for the category which is the closest match to your game
player churn (attrition rate).
While increasing revenue and player retention at the same time is always preferred, it’s not easy to do so early in your game’s lifecycle.
For this reason, it is highly recommended to prioritize growing your user base in the long term. Always remember that a 100% increase in ad revenue is pretty meaningless if you have an extremely small set of people playing your game.
You should be able to notice quickly if a monetization tactic hurts gameplay more than it helps revenue, in which case you should continue testing different placements and formats for better results.
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