Awareness Campaign breakdown.

The goal of this campaign was to get registrations before the actual game launch. Brawl Stars launched December 2018. They hosted a series of pre-launch gameplay live streaming videos with ten mobile YouTube influences and gamers. 

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Defining what your key performance indicators (KPIs) are and how to measure them will help you understand how effective your marketing campaigns are

Pay back window: How long it take to recoup your marketing spend. If you spend $5 to acquire a user, how much time does it take you to make back that 5$. Depending on how long that is (7 days, 14 days, 30 days), use that amount of time to let your data mature before making major changes.

it’s important to also understand your payback period, so you know how long you can expect your return on investment to pay off.

Retention (Day1, Day3, Day7) The number of unique users who came back to use app on the next day of installing/opening the app. This metric can be a key indicator of your game play and player progression.


GGGent Entertainment. 

While your marketing efforts are important to the health of your game business, a marketing campaign will not make users stay engaged and want to continue playing your game.

lack of retention of the new users you have acquired signals that you might need to go back to the game design and try to determine where and why the dropoff is occurring and see if there are changes you can make to improve retention and make your users come back session after session.

Your game needs to be able to keep players engaged and want to progress. Marketing can help grow your user base, but marketing alone won’t keep players wanting to stay in your game.






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