App store Optimization

In the digital marketing world, search engine optimization (SEO) is known as the most valuable, long-term, and inexpensive solution to marketing.
In the app store ecosystem, this is known as ASO.
App store optimization: is the ongoing process of testing and measuring updates to app store marketing assets, with the goal of increasing visibility and driving more downloads.
The idea behind app store optimization (ASO) is that by using the right title, keywords in the description, and images, you can make your game more discoverable within an app store that contains millions of apps.
Just like search engines do with SEO, there are many (likely hundreds) of ranking factors that determine which app is shown to a particular user.
Some of the most important ranking factors:
1.The name you give your app
2. The image you use in the description
3. The number of ratings
4. update frequency,
5. number of reviews,
6. average review score
Eight key things you can do to ensure your app store is optimized:
1. Include a strategic keyword in your title
2. Write an engaging, detailed description
3. Create engaging visual assets
4. Use eye-catching screenshots
5. Ask for reviews and ratings
6. Reward your users
7. Make frequent updates
8. Test different variations
The title of your app in the app store is arguably the most important element of ASO. Make sure that you name your app appropriately and find the balance between being concise, unique and relevant. The challenge is that you need to be clear, catchy, and include a keyword in less than 30 characters (Apple) or 50 characters (Google).
Research shows that a great icon can significantly
increase potential user interest and app downloads!
In the description the first 100 characters are visible before the user has to click “more” to read the rest of the description, so it’s important to make your first sentence or two the most engaging. only the first three screenshots are featured in the search results.
The main overall message that you’re trying to send to app stores is that your game is popular, as measured by:
---The number of downloads
--- How frequently it’s downloaded
--- Your ratings in the store.
You need to maintain a conversion-focused mindset, and include screenshots that will make someone more likely to download your app. Each screenshot should showcase a different feature or aspect of your app, and include visible callout text that incorporates keywords.
You can also reward users with in game currency (similar to a rewarded ad mechanic) in order to prompt users to want to give a review. To get the best results, you need to collect the right kind of feedback at the right time. If you prompt some of your early users after a positive experience in your game, like when a player wins a level, they’ll be more likely to give you a positive review
You can also reward users with in game currency (similar to a rewarded ad mechanic) in order to prompt users to want to give a review.
The key to attracting press attention is to build your list of suitable media contacts, create real relationships, and craft a perfect pitch. To start building your list, you can use a tool like BuzzSumo to discover the most popular pieces of content for a certain subject. you can filter the results to find the most popular pieces of content. Once you have this list, you will be able to identify types of websites you’ll want to target and their authors. You can also export all of this data into a CSV file, to analyze the information further. With this list, you now know who you need to start following on social media.
Don’t send an email until you’ve built up a bit of a relationship with that person (for example, retweeting their content or commenting on one of their posts). Engage with them authentically, and begin to show them who you are. This can be a long process, but it’s a rewarding one.
Content Marketing
Creating content like blog posts, videos, or tutorials can be one of your most powerful channels to build an audience. It’s cost-effective, can help you build your brand for the long term, and can reach millions of people.
Effective and engaging content marketing also takes time.
70 million new blog posts are created every month. Over 300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every hour. It’s becoming harder than ever to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace. 
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