Yes you!!

Yes you!!

When someone gives you a really nice gift a gift that brings constant joy ever time you think about it. People start to be curious and ask why are you so happy? Lets not be shy, lets be bold for the blessings God has given us are great. 
Being proud to be a follower to God is what God is asking of us. The only thing I'm aware of that God ask us to do is be proud of Him. The more we brag about Him the more He does in our life to broaden our abilities to share.

Gods name and wonders are to be shared.

God is proud of every one of us weather  good or bad God is willing to claim you as His own. God Loves you!

No matter how bad or how many messed up things someone has done... As wrong it may sound. As much as I don't want it to be true but sure glad it is true because this is what make the Love of God so dang amazing.

God forgives. 

God forgives. God forgives all sins. Yes that is sin with an "S". Yes God forgives all sins. no matter how big, no matter how many, God forgives sin. The gift of being forgiven is a wonderful gift.

Get into a fight with a parent, brother or sister or a significant other. Whether right or wrong there is now tension that ligers for a while. When we do something wrong. Were going to be more mad at our selves for doing the wrong than God is. That right this is what helps change us from the inside out. Having God enter our hearts allows for inner change to happen. We are forgiven by God. We are Loved by God and we should be willing to change for God. 

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