Want to be a vegetarian or eat steaks and cheeseburgers?

Want to be a vegetarian or eat steaks and cheeseburgers?


Why in the world would I or any one else ever want to be a vegetarian? Steak and cheese hamburgers are too damn good. Are there any savages in this world that don’t eat meat? No, no there are not. Again, why in the world would I or any one else want to be a vegetarian? Unfortunately, there are more health benefits to eating less red meats (steaks and cheeseburgers) but there are also health concerns to not eating them.


Biomarker: Are molecules that indicate normal or abnormal process taking place in your body and may be a sign of an underlying condition or disease.


Vegetarians have a much healthier biomarker than meat eaters. Their hearts are in better condition because their cholesterol both good and bad are at a more consistent level along with their liver functions. What does my liver even do for me? As long as my kidneys are working right? No wrong absolutely wrong. The liver is very, very important to our survival. The liver contributes to over five hundred vital functions of the body. All of the food we eat goes though the liver, once the food is there the liver decides what is a nutrient and what is waste. From there a lot of things happen. Look in it yourself where not here to talk about liver functions.

On the flip side though being a vegetarian can contribute to decreased kidney functions. When on a plant-based diet, those individuals have higher levels of triglycerides (trai-gli-sr-aidz) and a protein called cystatin (sis-tat-in) which is something to do with plasma which in a long story short decreases kidney functions. If you are young let’s say 21, or a college student or someone who is in the military you want a good functioning kidneys!  

Maintaining a low BMI (Body Mass Index) and Weight loss is a real contributing factor to sticking to a plant-based diet…

“Well looks like I’m keeping these 5-10 pounds of love handles.”

A study by Dr. Tammy Long shows that people on a plan- based diet are more at risk to break bones. Are vegetarians disintegrating? Are they falling apart? Why are they more likely to brake bones? No they are not disintegrating or falling apart. They are more likely to brake bones because their body is not receiving any B6 or B12 vitamins. Vitamins that are only found in meat produces or through supplemental intake. The lack of these vitamins should not cause anything short term concerns but after years without these one should expect to have unwanted muscle spasms, skin problems or unexplainable soreness/pains.

Meats contain iron, zinc, vitamins and all of the essential amino acids which are proteins for humans. Plants like quinoa and soy are the exception but if you are eating quinoa and soy on a regular basis watch out, expectantly us males out there because hormones are going to be confused. You may not grow tits but you will have very little testosterone. One day your walking around big and bad then tomorrow your bitchy and sad. Do yourself a favor and go buy yourself a good T-Bone. Be a man Mike. Meat eaters are not going to sleep at night worrying about nutrient deficiencies.

There is no denying that increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit will increase our health. There is no denying it yes fruits and vegetables do have high amounts of vitamins and minerals that improve the human bodies cardiovascular system, and other major organs. There is also no denying that if your not running on the proper nutrients like the ones you get from meat the body will also suffer.

After the few hours of research on this I have to admit it If I started to eat more fruit, vegetables and less red meat I would be dramatically improving my bodies capability of keeping me healthy. Am I going to? Gradually maybe. All I know is its summer time a I just got my wife a new grill. Come on over, bring the drinks, and the sides I got the meat.

Before I end this Tarzan primarily ate fruits, bugs and animals he killed. He found it morally wrong to kill and not use the bones and meat as necessities to survive. (If you have the same faith as me or not doesn’t matter to me.) When Adam and Eve where walking the plant earth chillin out maxin' relaxing in the Garden of Eden they were not eating meat. Adam and Eve made in His image God was not providing them meat to eat.

Genesis 1:29: And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.”

You do you I’ll do me. Thank the Lord for the food we eat. What are you ordering the Cheese Burger or a Vegetarian burrito bowl with avocado?

GGGent Life.















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