Not able to take the stone back after you through it.
Not able to take the words back after they where heard. 
Conscious of that wrong doing you did the other day? Is it unpardonable? Assurance that you will be forgiven by God is easy to receive. Cry out to Him in your prayers let it come from your heart. What is allow to come from the heart will surprise many. It will anger God with the blunt honesty that is being released, anger, joy, hate, love. God already knows what is in the heart and is happy to hear that the individual is expressing themselves.
A story from when I was middle middle or high school. I was not the coolest kid in school and at this time I was hanging out with someone who I thought was cool. There was a young girl in our class who was taking about her faith and confessing her love for God. The "Cool" kid was like "Yo eff God! What do you think about God do you say eff him too?" In my heart my body even knew I was about to do was wrong. I said "Ya eff God." This is something that has haunted me since I was kid. The look that girl gave me was indescribable in how bad it made me feel, still to this day. Being "Cool" or having material or status is incomparable to the honor of being able to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. Being with God is something that make you want to give everything up. Give it up for the Lord. 
Matthew 12:32
32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven,
but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven,
either in this age or in the age to come.
Jesus is faithful and forgives. 

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