The apple of my eye.

The apple of my eye.

Are the words of God the apple in your eye? What does that even mean? Just as the apple a day will keep the Dr. away the commandments of the Lord should be a way a living. Keeping you morally grounded. Obeying these commands will bring internal peace, joy along with many blessings that you will begin to notice. 

You will not be able to see how God blesses your life until you being to look at the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As if It was missing and it is your job to find It. Do this and the little things that happen to you and around you will start to make sense along with bring many many more questions. The fun thing about that is you see that God is working in your life and your life is becoming filled with more peace and joy. Are the words of God the apple in your eye?

Its not easy.

Proverbs 7:1-3 

1 My son, keep my words and treasure my commands within you.Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye.Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.

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