Sticking out through the hard things.

Sticking out through the hard things.

Dear Gent or Lady, 

You are one of Gods children, His Spirit flows through your blood. You are powerful for God, Lord and Savior is infinitely powerful. Follow His lead willingly and excited with a pep in your step. Choose not to follow you will be moved like a leaf in the wind. Go to where God wants you and because God wants be joyful, happy, blissful with where He brings you.

How do you define passion? how you explain passion. What is your passion?

Passion is Love = Sticking out through the hard things. Perseverance

In Aug 2019 I prayed to God that I would be living in a new home full of love and to not go to work but to go onto mission. I was doing my part and one year later I moved into a new home not only full of love but also the holy spirit. Before I go any further. Thank you Jesus.

Not only did that happen but I also enlisted into the United States Air Force. I will be going on missions. When we pray in the name of Jesus.... 

The only thing I can promise you is that He will listen. He hears what you are saying. 

All parents know that when our kid are talking we don't always hear them, sometimes it just comes out as background noise. But when our kids come and talk to us we hear them. 

Our Father who is in heaven listens when we come and speak to Him. 

I pray in your name Jesus, I pray, I pray God-Goals-Greatness is a lived life style that is better encouraging, better inspiring, making better building blocks for your name. I pray in your name Jesus that your word is the one that I am always a servant to. 



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