Secret to success.

Secret to success.

How do we do better? first it starts with doing the little things and after a few weeks and months little things become a second nature. That's good we're doing better without even having second thoughts about doing right.

Doing the little things will take effort to get up and actually start doing.
It can be scary thinking about how great we can be. But if we are thinking we can be that great that means we are not even close. Sorry little real talk for yall. This is why sports athletes who are banking! Are reviewing their tapes regularly. They know they can doing better. They want to be better. They are obsessed with becoming the best in the game. I'm not saying become obsessed with something but I am recommending it if you love it do it.
Hustle Hard. 
When we reach a point at doing good for so long we become complacent and that shit kills. All the momentum we had built up will collapse after a while and we will only have become only a few steps ahead of we're we once where. Once we realize that, what is the next step?
The next step is for us to go out and seek guidance.
This is where GGGent Life comes in. Dive into the bible, it will be very confusing at first and I mean very confusing. But take your time and stay with it. Read scripture and think about a verse or two through out the day and do this daily. Next Find a living breath human who is a role model to you. Be bold and ask that person what he or she did to get to where they are at. People enjoy talking about them selves they will tell you. If there is a connection between you two ask for a job. 

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.


Secret to success.
GGGent Life
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