I want to do something Important with my Life now.

I want to do something Important with my Life now.

We all have this thing in side of us this burring desire for greatness. Why do we stop our selves? Is it because of what other people may think? Why are we as a collect group so damn concerned about what everyone else is thinking. Do something that really excites you, brings significand's to life. If Jordan shoes is it well then fine, I'm just built different. Take that 200 300 dollars an do something important with it. That thing that will build your confidence or better someone else life.

Life is long. This is very hard to wrap our minds around. The impact we leave hear will effect the out come of future generations.
"Its their problem not mine."
Is an attitude that should not be tolerated.

Be better. How do you want to be remembered? I Joseph Ashmore want to be remember as someone who stood up, volunteered to make an impact for the betterment lives. (God-Goals-Greatness) those three words right there in that order is a life style that I will be remembered by. There is nothing to not like about it. Set some goals for yourself and have faith that something is over seeing your actions guiding you and your greatness. 

This is GGGent Life doing something important with our life. One day at a time. 




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