How are we suppose to handle the struggle?

With so many bad things going on in todays world I can see why people don't believe in God anymore. But rest a sure those that do believe, are believing in a very real God. 

God tempts us with hard times to test our faithfulness. Those of us that are parents under stand what it is like to challenge our children to find out how strong they are physically, mentally, and emotionally. Knowing that we are all Gods children we should understand this concept that we are not going to have our hands held through life's every obstacle.

I do not know how deep the pain is for you today and I'm sure it will get worst before it gets better. Continue your with your prays they will be answered. Keep the bible close because this is where you will hear Gods word. Be carful because the bible will hit us with stories that will keep us up at night. The bible is full of stories of lose and faithful followers who never stopped worshiping. Even after they had lost everything that was most cherished to them. 

How are we suppose to handle the struggle? 

In a world as bad as it is, you individually may be going through something much worst that no body knows about. Pray and understand you must stay faithful. Remember God challenges us to see how faithful we are. When the test is over we are always rewarded either in this world or in heaven. Stay strong and if you are reading, this there is always help. Leave a comment send an email just ask. 

How are we suppose to handle the struggle?
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