Help is the best thing we can get for our selves and others.

Help is the best thing we can get for our selves and others.

Counseling is a good thing. Therapy is a good thing. Seeking help is a good thing. Don't let no one make you feel like a weirdo because your out there doing  better yourself.

Doing good looks different.

Ya... There will be plenty of haters who are going to laugh with you and smile in your face secretly wanting you to fall and that's because when you succeed you make them feel some type of way. No They didn't fail! They just didn't try hard enough or maybe they didn't even try at all. 

All the pressure we put on our selves when building a new business or even less! Being a good spouse, a good parent, or a good human being. These are real struggles that most of us think were doing wrong because we are the only ones doing it this way.

F??K that!!
If its working don't change. But it is working right?

Someone is going to say something negative about what your doing if its not complying with the norm. If its working yes still of course look for ways to improve. There opinion doesn't matter if they are not contributing to anything that relates to you doing better. Are you going to make things easier or harder on yourself? Are you going to let other people get in your way? 

These post I make on my Instagram, those stories are like therapy for me. I have a lot on mind an on my plate. Yes Its hard to talk through my thoughts to other people but what I'm finding that it is crazy to keep all of my thoughts to myself. Doing that prevents me from thinking it through. My mind is running marathons all day every single day. Getting in front of the camera is a way for me to slow down and present something of value to myself and to all of y'all. Most of my videos or post don't get many likes views and sometimes it does get criticized. But those insulting online strangers mean nothing to me and in a way add more energy and passion to what I need to get off of my chest. I do help others with my words, my post and now I'm here asking for your help. Can y'all help me get in front of more people?

Help is the best thing we can get for our selves and others. 
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