Good things are not always pretty.

Good things are not always pretty.

There is both good and evil around us. Depending on where we are we will find more or less of either. We get caught up in looking for evil that we forget to see the good right in front of us. We also forget or don't think about looking for the good. Everything worth wild takes effort. 

The writing on the walls, subtle messages in song lyrics, what the news is talking about are all a place that we think there is a massive secret organization controlling what is being put out into the main stream audience. The devil always makes promises he has no intention of keeping. He temps us with things that we feel as if we can not live without.

There probably is.

Now please stop looking for the bad and actively start searching for the good. Lets actively start searching for what God has created and is in control of. Good things are not always pretty. Blessings are so much more than miracles. Blessings are moments in time. We must take the time to realize that.

Once we all do this collective way, way, way more often. Things will gradually change for the better. We must hold each other accountable. We must hold our selves accountable.  The one thing that we should not be living without is love. Love for ourselves and love "respect" for one another.

Get our head out of the ground and enjoy what is right in front of us.

 "Any sin we cover, God uncovers."

God is going to help us if we just let Him.

May God grant us the wisdom from heaven
to help us know the difference between good and evil.



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