God makes us complete.

God makes us complete.

We are all powerful because God is with us and without Him we truly nothing. In this world cars, clothes, hoes, and dollar bills dictate ones importance. But truly that stuff is a great distraction from living with God. Evil does not want us be with God because in the end we all die and we all have somewhere to go once we past from this world. We will either have everlasting life in heaven or suffer for eternity in hell. Where do you think evil wants us to end up?

With out God in our life we will always be missing something. No matter the possessions we can acquire without God we will be empty. What does God provide for us in this world? Peace, and Love. 

We are powerful because God is with us. God is with you even if you don't know it. God loves you. Follow God and He will show you who you really are. Gods presence in your life will make you complete. 

36 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?


God makes is Complete
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