Don't judge just add love.


We all judge others when some one does something different or out of the blue or even ones character. When we make judgement on others we have the human impulse to want to solve their issue or change what is going on. We all see how easy it is to change someone else when our own lives have current issues that need to be addressed.

I don't know the answer to this question so I ask you. Why do people want to fix others before they them self are even in a position to be looked at as someone who can fix the problem?

Most problems or whatever the situation is problem or not is missing love. That is it that is the magic ingredient. Love is the magic ingredient to all situations.

Hate your job? Find a job you love. That takes time. What are you suppose to do until you find the job you do love. Easy find that one thing in the job you want to leave so bad that is awesome. Cherish that, look forward to it, and build upon other parts of the job that are just alright.

"I really don't enjoy my job to much, the boss man i'm with is just that a boss man he tells us what to do and has no leadership qualities. I want to work for a leader. Someone who will teach an build me up to be better. Right now I don't have that. The job is manual labor. I look at that like a work out. My current job is construction, it gets hot, really hot. I'm out side all day in the beautiful outside getting fresh air." Finding things that are good at a crappy place is hard to do but is very easy to enjoy once a loving mindset is made.


James 4:11-12 

11 Do not speak evil of one another, brethren. He who speaks evil of a brother and judges his brother, speaks evil of the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. 12 There is one  Lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy. Who are you to judge another?

Don't judge just add love.
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