Don't get trick by luxury.

Don't get trick by luxury.

Being innocent of sin is something no one can say they are in the presence of God. Why would any one dare be so bold? Everyone sins and when Satan comes around the block an starts talking us into sin he is trying to manipulate us into doing more wrong.

Satan is a conniving one trying to trick people into thinking that God will not forgive us, that we should carry on moving forward commit sin. It would allow our life to be more luxurious, easier, more tasteful. 

I am guilty of slipping and take advantage of sins to allow my life be more luxurious and in the end it always back fires. Anything that Satan puts in front of some one always has a catch to it. We may think that we have won at that moment but down the road we lose. 

Have no worries for God has pardoned us of the sins we commit by sacrificing Jesus on the cross for our salvation. We are welcome in Gods kingdom because of the blood of Jesus delivers us from the punishments we deserve. 


Thank God for being a forgiving God, pardoning us of our sins 


Revelation 12:10-11 

10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:

“Now have come the salvation and the power
    and the kingdom of our God,
    and the authority of his Messiah.
For the accuser of our brothers and sisters,
    who accuses them before our God day and night,
    has been hurled down.
11 They triumphed over him
    by the blood of the Lamb
    and by the word of their testimony;
they did not love their lives so much
    as to shrink from death.


Don't get trick by luxury. 
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