Doing what I Love!!

Doing what I Love!!

I don't want to do this right now but I know if I decided not to do this I would think about it later and be mad at myself for being lazy. There are so many things I don't want to do, but do do because of the joy of accomplishing something.

We have these goals that drive us to do what we want, good or bad it is the end goal that propels us forward. May it be a feeling, a material item or to get to a location.

Lets return to allowing God to take more control of our goals. We look into the future like we look at a puzzle. We visualize the what the future is going to look like. (That's us looking at the puzzle box.) Then we dump that puzzle on the table and begin (That is us tackling our goals)

and It is all a hot mess... 

Lets continue to do our best at what ever it is we are doing. Strive for our personal wants because we never know they may line up with Gods wants for us. When we discover what it is we where suppose to be doing, this is Gods plan for us. We will be the happiest versions of our selves. Ask the people who are happy slash successful. Nine times out of ten these people will tell you they do what they love. When we love what we do that is God working through us.

Get out of the way Gods using me to do His work.
I'm about that life. Lets go to work. 
Doing what I Love!!
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