Does God puts us in situation we can't handle?

Does God puts us in situation we can't handle?

No where in the bible does it say....

"God does not put us in situations we can't handle." 

I am not challeneging that this quote because I am in one hundred percent in agreeance with the saying.

"God does not put us in situations we can't handle." 

I believe that the saying is implied through out the bible clearly, that in all situations with God we are able to get through anything and with faith we are blessed enough to know this. 

From my understanding the bible is full of mysteries that are impossible to answers unless we dive into the bible. We must make it our duty to engage with the living word (the bible) and then all of our questions will be answered. 

In our hardest times this is when most people go to God and when we don't see His presents many begin to have doubt. Is God is here for me to? 

God loves us and is very interested in making us great in His name. God teaches us, leads us and then He test us. When a teacher is giving a test the teacher is quiet.

The Hebrew word for test is examine. When God is testing us He is examining us. How will we react? Will we try to overcome the situation by our selves or will we come lay our burdens at His feet? This alone is comforting because those of us who go to God will receive strength from Him. We have to remember that are wants are rarely the same wants as God and just because we didn't get what we wanted does not mean that God has not helped us out of a bad situation. 

When the test is over it is time for review. Rejoices because something has happened, when we pray we are praying for guidance in one way or another. If we are praying for material or help God will provide a path to obtain it and in all circumstances we need to being glory and thanks to God in good or bad give thanks.

Yes is hard. For example may be your dog, your best friend for the last 10 years had just died. Its going to be emotionally taxing but good thigs will come from it. Maybe the dog has been getting neglecting because life has become so much more than what you where use to and you have noticed that you dog has become neglected. With out your dog being there it has opened up opportunity for new things to come into your life. This is used only as an example. There is always something positive to be found in a bad situation. Always.

A better example would be to look at Job. God allowed his family to be taken from him wife and kids, everything he owned be stripped away. No one was there to support him, all of his friends told him that God has left him but Job had faith and had no remorse to God and because of this God brought Job through the worst situations I can imagine happening. When God brough Job out of His bad times He was rewarded with a new family and more than he once had.

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