Covid-19 VS Prayer

Covid-19 VS Prayer

This is the world we are living in, nothing will be the same after this. There is going to be super paranoia. I have never seen some man people having their own conspiracy theories. It makes me wonder is the government behind all of this and then I think of how the economic state is being effected. We are paying out 2 trillion dollars to everyone. Domestic violence and suicide is on the risk. Being stuck home is the best thing for every one but the change of live style that is being asked of us is something us as Americans are having a hard time dealing with. Along with all of the new conspiracy I have also seen more more posting pray quote and bible page pics it sure does go to show that people do call to God when they don't understand. 

Good times will come again please from one gggent to another wait for our health to not be in danger before we go out and put our best foot forward. one foot after another. 

Romans 12:12 

12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

2020 Present times.

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