Be weird & pray out loud.

Be weird & pray out loud.

When was the last time you prayed out loud? Prayer now a days is a weird thing. Unfortunately the worship of Jesus in the society we live in, it is frowned upon. Being gay is cool and that whole community is able to be loud & proud and we are "forced" to except it. Muslims are more welcomed to do there worship than Christians are. Its a weird frustrating thing to witness.

Here we are proud to be saved by Gods graced, blessed in His name. Now we must share Gods name publicly! Standing on top of mountains, being in front of groups of people preaching is not necessarily what each of us is meant for. When being saved my God, God sets us free in a way that promotes us to live unjudged by others. Their thoughts mean so much less. Let me explain...

When I was baptized I did feel different and I know it was not all in head. As funny as this may be the first thing I did once I got out of my wet clothes was take a shit. A holy shit if you don't mind me saying. I pooped out a lot of negativity. Since I have been baptized I still sin, I still do wrong but my actions have been slowly moving away from those sin-full acts. my actions consist more of kindness, patients, love, joy, happiness (The fruits of the spirit.) 

A life with God is a bold life. We are going to be ridiculed and we should be ready to defend Gods name at all cost in any situation when it comes down to it. In order to live bold enough to be willing to die we must start with being weird and praying out loud. Let people look at us and think what ever it is they want to. Some of those people will be bold enough to ask about God with honest interest. Lets give ourselves more opportunities to reach out to these people.  

Be weird & pray out loud.
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